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  1. facts: - dissusion from ym are bought in MD and rants and bitching; manipulating? =)) dear, you have the same problems and you confirmed that you are part of the ones in subject - it is not easy not to read, when everything will change after it. It is not somethng to avoid. [size="3"][b]- if you keep adi's fairytales and continue them in your stories; keep alive the stupidity of antcient lore, ofc new players ask what is with that.[/b][/size] That is the problem. I simply answered your questions for you to see you should really shut up; you make no sence other then ra
  2. If i were you i would simply shut up, Princ..have at least the decency and common sense to shut up. Enough it's enough !
  3. Of course they can join. Anyone that can plant a seed in the garden or in a recepient so it will grow can participate.
  4. Ok, i have to announce it now ... This is a vegetable beauty-contest. As we all know, vegetables are planted in spring and in autum you eat them ...(most of them...) Here is what you need to do: Choose a vegetable and start planting it. You will have to take pictures of it from the begining (planting part) untill the end ; step-by step untill it's full grown, in the autum. Don't forget to add the MD sign near or on it. Take care of your seeds and what grows from them, remember it is a beauty-contest! Have fun. Oh yeah..rewards will be up..in autum Akasha.
  5. Please do not kill the trees ! We need them Thank you Shadow. [size="1"] PS: you coul help the tomato group to grow by planting a tomato also[/size]. [size="1"]I am sure Mur will love it[/size]
  6. Since spring is here, i thought at a new season contest. This contest is dedicated to ... Bob, the tree Here is what you need to do..really simple: take a tree (any kind of tree) and plant it in your garden, or near where you live. (You can add some flowers near) Take photos of you planting the tree or film yourself, add MD sign on it and ''for Bob, the tree ''. You could even name your newborn tree. I am sure Bob will be very happy and think at all the trees planted by you when he is blooming. As for the rewards... i will update hopefuly soon, with them. Hope you will have fun.
  7. No, it was not you, it was just time to end the spam pictures.
  8. Fun gallery removed with all the pics inside. Also some of your pics got removed from other albums if they were not related to the game or fantasy or taken from the internet . Do not upload anymore prints not related to or from the game, nor random pics from the internet/fantasy please, it will be removed. Forum gallery is a feature for personal photos, not a collection of internet pics. Thank you.
  9. The mail is[size="2"][color="#8b0000"][b] art(at)magicduel.com.[/b][/color][/size]
  10. Akasha


    Yep, Gandacu with the face : "your serious? you leave it there? on my neck? "
  11. Akasha


    Neah, the guy in the background was thinking (after some bottles) damn i'm riding a horse
  12. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

  13. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

  14. Geez ..give the godmod rp and s** rp more space to grow...pregants, affairs and all those are stupid rp and only bad comes out of it..we had this disscusion way back anyway. Yellow pages to see the affairs and then the rapes incidents to grow? =)) what is this? housewives drama/goosip chanell? Stories like Khals burning soul can't be comapred not put in the same post with a pregnant rp. I say MD needs to breath, to breath out this kind of stories and rp, not make them bigger, nor bring them more in front. We simply need to leave it breath out of the blue thingy that you find everywere,
  15. Artworks yes, but , fun things like what you can find in the fun gallery no..the internet is full of them, spammers always send them and i guess there is no room fr it here, i was just reminding the ones that have them to save what they don't keep on pc because will be deleted..
  16. [quote][color="#cccccc"][2010-02-27 03:38:32 - Alpha 9][/color] Forum bandwidth and storage space is limited. Filling it up with random gallery images is something i want to avoid. I will start to remove images that i consider pointless. Sorry if i will destroy your personal fun pic collection or your beloved screenshots from other games, i am sure they have perfect meaning for you but they are simply to much. The forum gallery was supposed to have pictured, like in real pictures done by you, about you, with you and your friends, or related to MD in the md section. Other images, such as scre
  17. But he can transfer the heads to someone else, aka his mainin case of alt or a friend
  18. [font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][color="#800000"][size="4"][b] [/b][/size][/color][/font] [font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"] [color="#800000"][size="4"][b]Words and Shapes[/b][/size][/color][/font] [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"]Our human mind limits the words to definitions. We forget the shapes build upon words. We limited our believes, our range of imaginations and we started to give a specific sense to each word; it is like we blind ourselves with the words.[/size][/font][/color] [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] T
  19. That's a very good idea Awii. You can't remove the market section from the forum; it is part of the market and you can't have those auctions in the place you will chose. Indeed, having a day for traders with music, dancing and all sort of things is nice. If it will be in NML you will stay in the way of some non-traders ppl or it will be too common. Who is lazy to come to the traders day, will loose the tradings..i say that they will come. Jester streets..are the streets of Jester, i guess you should choose a/some streets that do not have a personal connection with someone, or else you m
  20. I guess if you look closer to some locations from Lands of the East you could actually find some good locations for a market. Your image fits some of those locations. Lands of the east are made in a much social way... plus, they are not all released. Also, I think you all should fill what we have atm, which is way enough for the amount of population and social activities and after that come with suggestion of 'we need more'.
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