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  1. I think tha the poor squirrel should at least say his (her) opinion, if not i will send a letter to the animal protect Also if we can keep this in the decent way.
  2. First, this is not a bug, second, the exit is on Mt. Kelle'tha ..... now
  3. Hello and welcome. Ah, no problem, in this game fights are not the important thing
  4. The items in the Shop have the same dollar value but a different actual value. In the case of the Silver Coins that value is indeed given by what you can do with it.
  5. No one, now you have a hobby in contradict me? what do you mean by the first who took it? Silver coins are in MD Shop, and the first coin you get is when u take the first item that gives you a coin. So no first Silver taken . You should really consider the actual price of the coin. It is more then 1$, even if you can get 1 coin at 1$. Not all the items give coins. [b]EDIT : [/b]To Guy, the value of an object is given by it's rarity and the rarity is given by how hard you can get it, not necessary how much you pay on it. So the value of the coins is actually given on how many paying players bring them out of the Shop.
  6. 1 MDS has more valuable then 1 $ because you spend more $ in order to reach it. An accurate calculation would be to count the number of items required to get to the items that give coins, including those and then divide them to the number of coins you can get them? :pardon:
  7. *Looks at her started day* oh well.. you should clear a chair for me mister, i got old
  8. Gathering more loses tones like dst suggested is not a solution. a solution is to make everyone to be balanced. that will happen soon. Closed.
  9. So, not a bug, problem solved, topic closed.
  10. Non critical bug will be solved later or left as it is. Topic closed.
  11. Disclaimer: This is the personal character History/ Story, has nothing to do with the trees from MD (Bob or Oak or Accused) the history of MD has nothing to do with this story.
  12. Disclaimer: This is the personal character History/ Story, has nothing to do with the trees from MD (Bob or Oak or Accused) the history of MD has nothing to do with this story. Moved to Necrovion.
  13. Today just got the secound location. As for the 3rd..pls remove that. And stay focus an keep the 2 locations (2 not 3)
  14. Oh, just adding something: if you need to contact me, and you can't get in near me because the gates are closed, then ask for it. Golemus is my land affliation and actualy we all should stay there, in our land affiliation. You can gain access everywhere if you know how.That's why u have my location. You need to pm me? you know how. And yes, my role involves a lab, and yes, i was staying there at nights, because i was using the Lab, BUT again , that has nothing to do with MY role, and of course i am inactive and i should be removed from the RPC list? right? PS: sorry for the sarcasm.. but i just feel i need to shout it now.
  15. Answers to you questions: To start off, this is a list of observances, feelings and ideas from a group of people who have been feeling marginalised and annoyed at some of the recent events in MD lately. There is no particular order of severity or importance here. RPC = ROLE PLAYING Character. Some RPCs don’t seem to do a lot if any roleplaying. Indeed, some are very rarely around (idle doesn’t count as being around). While many of the RPCs that fall into this category are indeed hard working and contribute a lot to the game, they are NOT ROLEPLAYING much. If they are doing too many projects it is taking them away from the roleplaying aspect of the game. Perhaps they should not be working on so much at any one time? Perhaps they should have a recognised assistant (perhaps a PWR position). Or maybe, they shouldn’t be RPCs, but hold some other title like Game Design Team Member? [color="#000080"] [b]Answer : Normaly there should be just PWR roles no RPC, but the RPC abilities can’t be trusted to any person. The RPC activity is not that important their responsibility is.[/b] [/color] RPC Activity It seems that many RPCs have the same kind of hours of play. Again, being idle doesn’t count here. The RPC list should really always have a few active RPCs at any time. This is a regular picture for some people playing. This is not having a go at any RPCs. It is merely to show the lack of RPCs at certain times of the day. Why cant RPCs be chosen with a mind to the hours of the day they will be active? (See image att.) [color="#000080"][b] Answer: RPC’s where not chosen from the same timezone or because they were seen when Mur was online. It may be because of the advertisement, targeted more time on the States, the result being seen like more users from the same timezone.[/b][/color] PWR A list of PWRs would be nice. Something like the RPC list. [color="#000080"][b] Answer: Making a list of PWR will mean to different them to much from regular players and i don;’t wanna PWRS to be like an other lvl of RPC. They are a transit stage between regular and rpc and actually the ideal stage.[/b][/color] Rewards How are rewards chosen? It seems that some of the rewards given are not given on merit. Why is it that people, who have been bad seem to be rewarded? Why are bad roleplayers and godmodders rewarded? Why are people rewarded simply for being in the right place at the right time? Some people will never be there. Are they to be punished for this? [color="#000080"][b]Answer:Without names i can’t answer to that.[/b][/color] Roleplaying What is good roleplaying? Many people will have different interpretations on this. Some people like to have magical powers and abilities, or be innately magical. Some don’t. Some people seem to think that they can launch fireballs from their backside and imprison other people in magical ice cages. Often on a whim, or because they just have to trump everyone else. Some people have to just be better at something than others, even if the other person is really dedicated or geared towards something. Doesn’t matter, I’m better at it than you bud. Let’s just say that good roleplaying is playing in such a way as to not diminish the actions and roles of the people around you. For every action there is entitled to be an equal and opposite reaction. You cannot lash out at another and then just refute and rebut any reaction they have to your actions. [color="#000080"][b]Answer: Good roleplaying is that type of role playing that requires minimum amount of fabulations . It does not matter how many ** you put or how much you spam the chat it matters how well integrated u are with your presumed role and how u managed to use ur limited abilities to support that role without inventing ridiculous abilities. This is also a criteria for rewarding players.[/b][/color] Loyalty Why is it that some people feel that the players that have been playing a long time don’t deserve anything? Does loyalty to the game and the community count for nothing at all? Nowadays it doesn’t even seem to garner respect from younger players. You’re just deadwood. You’ve been playing the game for ages and look at you, you’re a nobody, who cares what you think. [color="#000080"][b] Answer: That impression might be personal. Loyalty to the game reflected by active days and gathered achievements was always something to increase reputation and notoriety. And because of that it also increases enemies on other sides. [/b][/color] Personality Clash Yes there are people that don’t get on in the game. But equally there are people who contribute a lot. While you may not like them why cant you recognise that they do contribute to the game? Why not reward them or help them? [color="#000080"][b] Answer: PPL that help are usually noticed. If they help n some secret dark corner of their home lab and they just show it to friends i can’t know to reward them. There are a lot that do a lot of things but some things have greater impact then the others. [/b][/color] Die Hard Vs Casual Does anyone think about the casual gamer? Are they just a nice distraction from time to time? There doesn’t seem to be much in the game geared towards the casual gamer, who doesn’t know a lot of people or have a lot of time to spend playing. [color="#000080"][b]Answer: This is not a game for pp that just want a weekend relaxation. The beginning of the game is one of the things that filter out bored and frustrated ppl from reaching later stages and that makes the game very uncomercial but i am willing to pay that price.[/b][/color] The Have’s and the Have Nots Does anyone feel that the game is dividing into groups of people. That there is a top tier of people, who are rewarded, while there is little or nothing for the masses? It isn’t being said that people don’t deserve rewards, but what about the rest? Why not try to spread the love instead of having the same people all the time. There also seems to be an attitude that you aren’t worth listening to or are just jealous and petty because you aren’t an RPC or whatever. This is insulting and juvenile. On the subject of juvenile, maybe the RPCs should look at some of their bickering on the forums and in game. They are not working as a team and not setting very good examples for other people (This is meant as an overall and casual observance, not pointing fingers at individuals). [color="#000080"][b]Answer: U can’t have a book that talks about masses of ppl and name each one of them. Some of them need to be main characters even if they do not deserve it all the time. They are not picked based on personal favours and there are many other characters that deserve to be RPC but are not. Regardless how many ppl will be promoted to RPC there will always be other ppl to complain about. It’s not a race to become RPC they are just ike pivots in a constantly changing community. [/b][/color]
  16. And don't forget that Dojo is in one SINGLE place, Marble Dale Park. That's the only one.So i really hope that you won;t get punished for attacking in other place.
  17. About the stat going thing... what about leaving that ? u know MD is not a stat farmer game?
  18. This is a very good idea. Please pm me in game the desired text on the triggers box and i will post it. Also i might help with a reward not sure what. One note: maybe if u remove the festival thing (not from Jesterfest) will be even better. Let's simply call it Jesterfest.
  19. Hello and welcome, hmm..a job, so new and you got a job? nice If you are really really interested in magic, send me a pm in game.
  20. Akasha

    ~ Day 103 ~

    [b] UPDATE[/b] on WISH events: Peace postponed the story. reason: urgent counsil meeting
  21. Akasha

    ~ Day 103 ~

    [b]~ Day 104 ~[/b] Today at 00:00 server time, Peace will tell a story at Path of Loneliness.
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