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  1. 1 thingy : democracy is about to LET everyone to vote, not only few elected by you. Loreroot is a part of Magic Duel even if you try to make it private and not a land from MD it is, and will always be even if you like it or not. Since all the Loreroot problems started the tensions can be seen in all MD . Also, not only that few can't play their role because of hiding things, but also not seeing clearly some things, not accepting some known things is putting you all in bad lights. I am here since the beginning of the game and i know how it was supposed to be, how it can be and how it is... IT IS bad...worse then you imagine. Look around you and see with what people you are...the only ones that are staying there because of you, the ones that are trying to make something good, even if this means to argue and contradict you all ... is out..why? or you kick them or they leave for their own. Having alts made and get them in council or in Loreroot is not a good thing..it does not fill the missing spaces... Entering with candidates that are long gone again, a very bad thing. Every RPC can see who entered with Eden. I do not point to nothing more then...choose better ppl for the council, ones that do not lie, ones that are not closed friends of yours and will not *nod* at anything you say, but actual people with whom you can discuss things, ask opinon and even get a negative answer with arguments. A council should be made again, from people that are equal, act like equal and are not that closed to each other, that have nothing to do with each other more then Loreroot, council. People that are not afraid of a negative answer or a critic to you opinions, a council that is not afraid of PUBLIC elections, that is sure on it's judgment, that knows everything what is going on inside it and will never accept a council inside a council like you all have done. A council that does not use other names or does not use other persons in their own purpose, like you all done. Start being fair, listening to all of you (you= members from 'council') and those who are afraid to show something, think what you can do in that problem. Anyone that is afraid of showing something means they hide something and are afraid of what they hide.
  2. It is about this: 'I will ask all that will take part to make an alternative to one spell document. Same level of information, similar length but will be different from the initial document and will represent an alternate evolution of the spell.' Now, if you think you can do it and that you understand the spell documents, please send them at akasha at magicduel.com Thank you. If you have questions please let us know here so we can answer to them.
  3. i said that 17 was the only ones that voted, as Amoran stated...so 17 from which 2 or 3 are not in the 'possible elected' is not good. Please note that if it is about to come with outside examples about politics, Loreroot is like a country side from Romania. Loreroot is a part from MD, not an independent country. What happenes there affects all MD Realm and it is important for all the MD not only for the Loreroot council like it appears. When Raven wanted to be elected, he had a fair voting system. Why? Because everybody could state it's opinion on why should be or why should not be. What is the important thing that needs to be corrected and fair is that the ones who need to be elected NOT to vote. And if you take a closer look at that list, everyone is everyone best friend. So it is not a neutral loreroot council like it was supposed to be nor Loreroot High Council is like it should be since the beginning. But again, there are no records about that. :diablo: PS: Shadow entered the Order AFTER he gave his retirement.
  4. [b]Errr first:[/b] i numbered 17 and those 17 are on the elected lists that is not a fair vote/election how do you want to call it. Plus 17 is not enough for such a 'big' number for such a big organization. [b] Err second : [/b]Shadowseeker was left in that position from Knaty. [b]Errr third :[/b] As i understood you have the council from each super extra ally so... now Were is the Savel person in the High Council? [b]ALL IN ALL : the votes and the High Council should be elected again, but this time correctly, like Pamp. pointed and you dismissed her immediately, i suppose she is no longer your backup for saying that an archivist was aware of the election [/b]
  5. if i look at my joined date and member number ..on this forum and in MD i am the oldest until now 8P
  6. Akasha


    Her account password was changed that means someone has access to her PC or to her email. stolen creatures or items can be tracked down and recovered, as soon as she regans full access to the email used for this acc she should contact Mur again for an other password change or email change. If its necessay the account can be banned temporarly to prevent ther abuse.
  7. Ok, i log in and found how deserted it is, but working really fast
  8. 1.Why suddenly Pamplemousse is no longer wanted in your elections? What is wrong with what she requested? 2. [quote name='Tarquinus' post='31366' date='May 18 2009, 07:01 AM']The nominees: [b] * Gremlin * Mya Celestia[/b] * Siala Lone Wolf * Lady Renata * Sparrhawk To those not yet affiliated with a land, I offer encouragement to submit your name to one of our Censors, [b]Mya Celestia or Gremlin[/b][/quote] Why persons that should be voted are gathering votes? 3. What neutral party decided that those 4 should be voted?
  9. Kragel posted that text in order for you all to stop rumoring I also asked him to o that since some came and asked 'what happened with ..'more then 3 persons. Now you come and say it is something bad in that? I don't think so. I know him as a very good and transparent person, he is not a cheater if this is what you are trying to point. I advise you all to stop trying to find something bad in everyone. They both done a great job with the market , they deserve the applauds and Kragel deserve a respectful profit from all of us for helping the Market to grow and start. He was very correct then and it is now as i heard and see. If he was about to cheat, trust me ..you all could notice that in time ... so stop this pls. if there are questions put them but do not accuse something that it has no reason to be acused. I suppose that the questions can be put directly to Kriskah about Marketplace after you understood what happened with the creatures and coins after the auction. Closed.
  10. Oh, no..it has nothing to do with the MDNP poetry , i am sorry that it can be considered that way. It is a different continue to an old idea that was deserted a looonnggg time. . You all know that every spell must be spoken in an enchanted way Please, let's get back on topic for the enchanted poems and let's make them real
  11. [quote name='gremlin' post='31202' date='May 15 2009, 11:45 PM']Wow...poetry enchanted spell documents...Who would ahve thought that Gargants and my idea for poetry would ahve exceled to these messures....glad I could help inspire people to write[/quote] I do not recall any ideea of you or Gragamt, i am sorry ..but this is entirely my ideea, in the name of the Order. Thank you for the understanding. P.S: just a side note, i don't want misunderstandings later. Akasha . Thank you all for helping, please if you can post the enchanted poems here, with the spell doc name details. Please keep posting even if the spell you want to create a spell for already has a poem from someone else.
  12. Topic moved to a proper section and reopened for discussions.
  13. Thank you all for showing interest . Like Shasowseeker answered, the poems will be in the end, one for each set of spell doc. By set i mean levels. If eg: Black water has 7 levels, then the poem will be 1 for all 7 levels, not divided and it does not have to be looonnnggg like the spell doc , don't be scared. Asterdai had a nice, very nice ideea about the RPC's that posses that spell doc, unfortunately i don't think there are many to feel a bound to them , but will raise the question .
  14. We are looking for 'poem artists'. We can make the poems to be enchanted..how? Let's give another meaning to the spell documents. All the writers out there help us make a poem for each current spell document and add some poetry meaning to them. If you think you can help and like to give it a try, let us know here, and what spell document you would like to enchant. Don't forget to stick the best poem you have done so you can show how good you are. :db: Thank you all, Akasha.
  15. [b]Kragel [/b]: '[b]umm ... who was allowed to vote fot the positions on the council seats[/b], and who has say on appointing the top 3 spots as I understand they are handled in separate ways can you explain here so all can see?' [b]Amoran[/b]: '[b]All of loreroot was allowed to vote on council seat positions. [/b]It was Loreroot and Loreroot's guilds decision on who lead what. ' [b]Burns[/b]: 'may i further ask who 'all of loreroot' are? like, only members of lorerootian guilds and the GotR before they dissolved, or also all players who claimed that their role was connected with LR?' [b]Amoroan[/b]: 'The members of lorerootian guilds and the guardian of the root alliance before they were dissolved.' [b]Tarq: [/b]'We have created [b]a super-structure for Loreroot,[/b] again according to the wishes of BlackThorn. We wish to cooperate with each other - Guardians, Eclipse, Savelites, and (if they want to) Crafters. This [b]cooperation gives Loreroot[/b] as a land the seeming of being united, rather than just another place on the map.' [b]Amoran:[/b] '[b]Appointed by elected council:[/b] [b]Council President - Karak[/b] High Mystic - .Amoran. General of War - None appointed currently. Elected by those in the Loreroot alliance: [b]Speaker of Root - Firsanthalas[/b] Sheriff of Root - *IBRUZU* Warden of Root - .Tarquinus. Speaker of the Law - None currently, Lorerootian elections are open.' [b]Firsanthalas : 'QUOTE Karak, as President of Council, is the leader of the Guardians of the Root Alliance. This is the first that I have heard of this blink.gif When was this decided? '[/b] [b] PLS NOTE: KRAGEL IS FROM LOREROOT AN DFIRS FROM THE COUNCIL . I think you all need to look over the statements and tell me are they contradicting themself or not? ? [/b]
  16. Again, [b]ON TOPIC: [/b] Here is a more civilized way of attracting your attention about what is going on, Questions: [b]1.I do not recall the elections. They never took place. Why? : There is no record about them in Loreroot Historic documents.(just Metal Bunny post from 2008) 2. I do not admite that Council ever was born. why? : There is no record about it in Loreroot Historic documents.(just Metal Bunny post from 2008) 3. Wanted to click the link from CoE ally statement.Went to a private forum, unknown, free to download and not a MD official one. They do not exist in MD?I can't look for more details because i am not registered to a private forum?that is not part of MD? blink.gif Why? Errr..do you see the ally page in the MD official Loreroot forum? I don't. 4.Who made the council? why? There is no record about it in Loreroot Historic documents.(just Metal Bunny post from 2008) 5. When was Loreroot declared not part of MagicDuel and a PRIVATE land? why? you act like Loreroot (not the ally guardians which is part of Loreroot, the LAND) is a private thingy and come to throw some infos that we, the humans need to accept them. [/b] [b]6. What happens to the ones that have access to Loreroot but they are not observed by the actual Group. Is it like..there are 2 separated Loreroot lands? Is this part of you constitution or just an unfortunate event?[/b] We all would like to have some answers to these questions...there are not answered......
  17. You just show that you are weak as a leader. Savels is another religion...what i refer..is ...about your prayers brought from RL religions in MD . That is not the way it is supposed to be. And again, if you look for some posts you will find that in the end you work for nothing and need to start again.
  18. OH GOD! There are some important questions about Loreroot and its people, The ALLIANCES (guild never existed and never exists) I am telling that you might work for nothing if you do not ask and do not think if it fits or not AND YOU ASK MRD WHY HE IS PLAYING HIS RPC ROLE????????? Am i stupid? or what? Loreroot is almost gone from Magic ..no recent events recorded nothing and you start on picking some other lands that HAVE that history that Loreroot is missing...PLS! stop making shame of Loreroot. Start pointing the history that does not exist in MD lands only outside in ur little group of ppl. Start and THINK if it is possible to implement things in MagicDuel like you like. If i start digging i will get out from dust some posts where it is very clear stated that MD has nothing to do with religion and it does not have that . Do you develop your role in a religious way? for how long? have you saw those topics? Are you update with the disscusions from the MD oficial forum? where new things are stated and discused/appoved and so on? IF NOT START DOING THAT AND STOP LOSING TIME FOR A small Group of ppl on an outside forum that does not exist in MD.
  19. If you have read every post and understood the Questions, you would have realized that i am NOT SPEAKING ABOUT THE ENTERING TO LOREROOT BUT ABOUT THE HISTORY OF THE LOREROOT THAT DOES NOT EXISTS, still GG and Necro have a LOT MORE history then Loreroot/..Why? they exist everywere..what they do they do it in public and let ppl know not in a secret way..OF COURSE every land with it's secrets...but still there are somethings that need to be answered and cleared..not for me but for all. Again, read the questions and you will see that it i snot about entering the land..but entering the land informations that need to be public in order for the land to have a history and a name... [b]Should i add that you can develop an ideea in secret, and after 1 year someone finds out and ask the right person about it and BANG ! Flushed away all the work..why? because it can't be done like that or that was never the purpose.. and i can give examples, but that is not my job to do.. BUT TO TAKE THE HEADS FROM THE CLOUDS AND STICK THEM TO THE BODY FROM THE EARTH.that i swhat i would like to do with this and make the history public for all ppl to know when they reaserch what is right and what is wrong.[/b]
  21. Note: you will not get the missing pages
  22. Please select what spell document you would like to be used as reference. It is best if you have the spell document full...not just one level.Also i would kindly ask you to write what you wish to be used, even if it is just 1 level but you like it. PS: If you don't know what is about check the Kelle'tha Order Statement book. Thank you.
  23. I USE my brain.and i don't harm ppl with words, like you did and i do not take it good...anyway thank you for the advice .. The council is not high since is taking personal and is suggesting to use someone else ideas, You suggested that 'stolen' idea indeed...what rank do you have in your Council? I think it is necessary since you start to create another ideea of alliances outside MD and come to MD with them and ask to be respected, i think it is very necessary when it comes to DREAMS and REAL facts that ARE NOT like that..never saw or heard that Loreroot has a guilt and no more allys, just one and also the votes for that...never saw. Now, i start to 'USE my brain' and think you started to create you little desired world but never thought that to bring it inside you need to justify and especialy to it's people...the insiders and the MD ones.
  24. Because i simply saw when u said last night 'non-damage rituals like the MR training Ground ' also because calyx came to Gazebo and announce that the dojo from Defensive Quartes is like the MR training ground but with a different purpose at the end ? =)) or that is not steal? I take ur ideea and name it mine and change the purpose/reason? I cooperate with people that do not hide behind the curtains, don't come from nowhere and say that they decided and not to be like that. I cooperate with persons that DO NOT STEAL?"TESTING" OTHER IDEAS. And that are aware of what they say or state or affirm and know what fantasy is and what reality is. what a WISH or DREAM is and what FACTS are.
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