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  1. Again, read the damn genesis and you will see it was not a land of it's own, try to READ and understand what is there Here there is no bible to debate. Beside genesis you can start and read the adventure log. That's all you need to know and take as a reference for research . Other stories are pure fictions.. and i mean to several ones, created just for the fun to answer questions.
  3. I vote for closing this topic
  4. Let's put it simple: Light can't exist without Dark and vice-versa. does thise mean light is the enemy of dark? NO! this means [b]balance[/b] . If you look at the genesis of [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=4178"]Golemus[/url] and [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=4179"]Necrovion[/url] , you will realize that it is a balancing of all territory's.
  5. If they are not on active, they simply log in and out for the active days.
  6. [quote][2009-06-28 18:55:09 - Alpha 8] Fighting system is not yet fully operational and will be slow or inactive for a while more.[/quote] so that was the reason for being gone again
  7. well i don't know about GoE but why not meet at GoE in MD? it is up I don't guarantee the safety of it...
  8. Hmm yes..well that was the destination that Mur choose. anyway, do i look like a boy to get married to a girl? :acute: Ps: read the signature
  9. vacation period : in 6 month you can hit 1 log in and you are safe from the delete button.
  10. *starts unpacking* So, we are not going for an unlimited time to Bahamas :cray:
  11. So at least some of Libs are safe, that in the idea that we don't have to leave for an unlimited time to Bahamas
  12. I have to pack We are going to Bahamas for an unlimited period of time .
  13. It seems there is a problem with the procedure .
  14. Akasha

    Funny Poems

    This topic does not refer to artisans guild (Select guild of artists, responsable of the game [b]artworks and avatars[/b]. If you are a talented artist, this is a place to start your jurney into the game team. ). Moved to offtopic.
  15. [url="http://tv2me.deviantart.com/art/Power-Girl-107904318"]http://tv2me.deviantart.com/art/Power-Girl-107904318[/url] [url="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_5EX_nugff3A/SUqPrrXeEaI/AAAAAAAAAUE/fIIO601FN_0/s320/Sandman_commish_sketch.jpg"]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_5EX_nugff3A/SUqP...mish_sketch.jpg[/url] [url="http://www.filmannex.com/images/movie_imgs/littleshop_thumb.jpg"]http://www.filmannex.com/images/movie_imgs...eshop_thumb.jpg[/url]
  16. Akasha

    Wish Shop

    I believe there is a small thing called Festival. Plus, the idea is to come with a nice role and keep playing it so in the end you get those tags when you already have them (i mean when you already are known for that role.) Names: your name is what you chose, if you don't like it you should not chose it, anyway, when it comes to Festival you can ask in your wish page a change of name. If your name is obscene will be banned, or if your name is a official one, you will be asked to suggest a new name for you. At least that is how things happen until now.
  17. Akasha

    Wish Shop

    In regard of Name Change and Tag description : those, in my opinion should not be in the Wishshop as there are too important . Names are helping your role, changing them (if not requested from a LHO to do that due to offensive name ) is not an option. Tag : that is also important ..someone tha has a tag is a PWR (attention! that does not mean will end up to be an RPC or that will play the role, as i saw most of the PWR's simply exists ..or are forgotten due to inactivity ) and if the population of elves and dwarfs or vampires etc will be able to give/change their tag we all will be eaten
  18. I personally think that half a year means a lot to MD and a lot of things happen during that period. So if, for more then 6 month you don't log in or keep connection to the game, you can be removed. Also think at the alts made (hmm Lib entered with all the libs in last 6 months ?) and that are forgotten out there. In 6 month if you hit 1 log in you are safe from the delete button. Plus, anything can happen in 6 month .i mean..it is half a year , your role will be lost and only few of us will remember that, mostly the veterans, that if you are not an RPC and you survive the delete button fo
  19. I have only 1 opinion about the 'children" *cough*alts*cough* is a SICK rp. Not to say that some comments are way to...OK he is the creator of the game but...put his name in each thing related to GOD and then i wander myself why ppl blame him for creating a cult, when he just created a game and some a cult for him. PS: the expression 'holy shit' is 'holy god?' i used to know it like holy shit..asking because i saw it holy mur...just to clear it for my own dictionary :spiteful: disclaimer: no offense , nothing personal . LE: Fenrir, no i hate alts , especially when used like this. I
  20. [quote name='pamplemousse' post='34551' date='Jun 24 2009, 08:25 AM'][list] [*]Please use proper grammar and spelling, if possible [/list][/quote] Then only native english speaker should tell stories
  21. Akasha

    Winds Sanctuary

    This topic starts to be offtopic . LE: this topic is offtopic now, moved to offtopic.
  22. Akasha


    should i join? test
  23. Akasha


    As the actions, statements and rumors and private things started to degenerate till putrefaction i will let everybody know that i have nothing personal with Amoran's person but with her actions against MD, by actions i refer to everything she done (not the good things, but the bad ones). I never said to her anything in YM about the issue, not in private as rumors started to appear; swears on the forum, if you search for personal insults you will find lot's of them from her side to mine. As she is using my actions( to stop the BS spoken about MD and the BS bought into MD )to point that i have
  24. I am editing ur posts or anyone posts that contains Manu in them, change it with Mur. I do not speak with Trista to you.
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