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    Wish Shop

    I believe there is a small thing called Festival. Plus, the idea is to come with a nice role and keep playing it so in the end you get those tags when you already have them (i mean when you already are known for that role.) Names: your name is what you chose, if you don't like it you should not chose it, anyway, when it comes to Festival you can ask in your wish page a change of name. If your name is obscene will be banned, or if your name is a official one, you will be asked to suggest a new name for you. At least that is how things happen until now.
  2. Akasha

    Wish Shop

    In regard of Name Change and Tag description : those, in my opinion should not be in the Wishshop as there are too important . Names are helping your role, changing them (if not requested from a LHO to do that due to offensive name ) is not an option. Tag : that is also important ..someone tha has a tag is a PWR (attention! that does not mean will end up to be an RPC or that will play the role, as i saw most of the PWR's simply exists ..or are forgotten due to inactivity ) and if the population of elves and dwarfs or vampires etc will be able to give/change their tag we all will be eaten
  3. I personally think that half a year means a lot to MD and a lot of things happen during that period. So if, for more then 6 month you don't log in or keep connection to the game, you can be removed. Also think at the alts made (hmm Lib entered with all the libs in last 6 months ?) and that are forgotten out there. In 6 month if you hit 1 log in you are safe from the delete button. Plus, anything can happen in 6 month .i mean..it is half a year , your role will be lost and only few of us will remember that, mostly the veterans, that if you are not an RPC and you survive the delete button fo
  4. I have only 1 opinion about the 'children" *cough*alts*cough* is a SICK rp. Not to say that some comments are way to...OK he is the creator of the game but...put his name in each thing related to GOD and then i wander myself why ppl blame him for creating a cult, when he just created a game and some a cult for him. PS: the expression 'holy shit' is 'holy god?' i used to know it like holy shit..asking because i saw it holy mur...just to clear it for my own dictionary :spiteful: disclaimer: no offense , nothing personal . LE: Fenrir, no i hate alts , especially when used like this. I
  5. [quote name='pamplemousse' post='34551' date='Jun 24 2009, 08:25 AM'][list] [*]Please use proper grammar and spelling, if possible [/list][/quote] Then only native english speaker should tell stories
  6. Akasha

    Winds Sanctuary

    This topic starts to be offtopic . LE: this topic is offtopic now, moved to offtopic.
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    should i join? test
  8. Akasha


    As the actions, statements and rumors and private things started to degenerate till putrefaction i will let everybody know that i have nothing personal with Amoran's person but with her actions against MD, by actions i refer to everything she done (not the good things, but the bad ones). I never said to her anything in YM about the issue, not in private as rumors started to appear; swears on the forum, if you search for personal insults you will find lot's of them from her side to mine. As she is using my actions( to stop the BS spoken about MD and the BS bought into MD )to point that i have
  9. I am editing ur posts or anyone posts that contains Manu in them, change it with Mur. I do not speak with Trista to you.
  10. [quote name='Amoran Kalamanira Kol' post='33629' date='Jun 17 2009, 01:43 AM']Correction, there will be no new avatars as I am not allowed to send any artwork in.[/quote] just to have it for reference if removed.
  11. New itouch fw ? You really should keep it silent until MD is up again
  12. No,is not the only one drawing and as for the announcement is not drawing anymore, so please note that for future references or news from her as an artisan. Thank you
  13. Moved to dojo forum. Use the proper forum/topic to ask questions please.
  14. Moved to a better topic, sorry this is not history. Read again why not, thank you.
  15. Seems like when doing a poll for fun a disclaimer should be put that it is for fun ?
  16. The person who made the game and drawings? just popped the answer to my head . If we start to ask questions for each location and start inventing ancient lore were would we be now? In present or past, buried in invented stories just to give an answer? Yes there are some places that hide answers and clues..but not all, few of them and it seems nobody is looking at those ..you know..you can't see the forest because of the trees. Disclaimer: i apologize if my answer is rude or hurt feelings, it is not intentioned to do that.
  17. I personaly think that the ideea comes from that poll, and that actions, in time become history, but niot the resent. There is a BIG difference in Present and History. You are in Present and role=playing something that may/may not be a historic document. You can't compare your rp from today with the historic documents, eg: Knaty retirement. The roles are important and what actions are documented. What happens with your character is one and can be a historic document (depends on the character role) but with an imaginary action it is harder to become a historic document.
  18. This topic is realllllyyyy getting way offtopic..remember kids are in here and IT IS public..make a conference on ym and speak indecent things in there, keep the forums off those things please, it is a game forum.
  19. Hi, welcome and have fun *thinks that MD will start to be diabetic*
  20. I would like to thank you all again, The first 5 that where selected and won by wish 1 wp or 1 Drachorn are: (Zl-eye-f)-nea GlorDamar Willem RedBeard Thanatopic Shadowseeker Keep helping us to enchant the spells. PS: if you wander were the spell are going :nea: you will need to find yourself. Akasha
  21. I know , back then was also a Steve name for him? Or that is another tree?
  22. This is my last answer to this post. Phantom has something with me, the questions she put were not questions, but more acusations. A new player is a mp2/mp3. The LHO questions are not like: 'i will find out you know...' 'why you take me out of the island, i will find out who did this (not quoting swears and bad language)'. I know what a new player ask, I was doing this job before LHO was invented. At first it was me, Mur and Vali wondering around in an empty MD. New players stated to appear so me and Mur were helping them in Paper Cabin.. First, her questions are not questions, are acu
  23. First, you forgot about your mesage don't worry i have it: *From: Phantom Orchid (ID:141255) *sent 10 hours and 44 minutes ago Read later Battle Log Akasha, Do you know why your attack is not in my battle log anymore? My last ten fights are, but not that one. I'll ask around. Thank you Priestess Orchid Second, this is like what? 3-4rd time you come to mie like i have done something wrong? oh you don't remem,ber, let's think back : Heads...you were suddenly kicked out of Golemus and came bitching at me because of that. I answered you nice ...came again, ansewred again but this
  24. Hi, you have the personal page, where you put something and that will hide your stats page.
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