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  1. Well, if you try to go to loreroot for eg you find the guards, when you click on them you see that you need to do something, go to paper cabin and find a scroll that will give you information about what to do. Necrovion is accessible by storyline or when a gatekeeper opens the gates. You can join an aliance when a leader sends you an invite. Chose 1 alliance that you like and ask around what are the requirements to enter to that aliance.
  2. Akasha


    This is a BIG gangster
  3. Akasha


    No, i saved her 2 winters ago from death and now she has some nice parents and she plays all the time , never stops, like Kaya.
  4. Akasha


    Yes, that is Adi, and in the middle Vali. thank you Peace
  5. Again, i asked you to check exact name because fallen with 2x L exists. Please check your language. I am not a dog to back off. I asked you about the forum accounts as you have to many for 1 person . That leads to suspension of them. Why? you can vote from more acc as 1 person that's why, and i thought it would be very nice to ask you which you like to keep
  6. Well, please check it twice, as i found the user fallen with 2 x l.And the word is written with 2x l to have a meaning...
  7. The acc. exists, please write the exact name [url="http://magicduel.com/players/Fallen%20Angel"]http://magicduel.com.../Fallen%20Angel[/url] FALLEN 2x L , is this the problem of your log in? I see in forum you have FALEN with 1x L
  8. I think she was referring to the forum friend list
  9. So, you are revolted or you have a problem? Both can be solved, i suppose. Post from 1 damn account (ps: choose 1 acc for the forum please. I had enough with alts in game but in forum it matters if it is an alt or not.) Also: the problem is : you are revolted because your account is bugged ? I don't get it...so, in game you can't log in in an alt, right? and i would like you to post what it says, exaclty. PS: stop feeling attacked or you will get responses like that.
  10. So, all this is because she got several warnings about spam/offtopic in other sections then offtopic? oh and is this about the whore thing?that topic should have been deleted. Also, i would like you to make 1 thing clear: why do you have 2 acc on forums? (i really really hope not 3). Admin/Mods have the right and also job to clear the forum from spam, move, delete, close, start , warn users, suspend them etc. You must live with it..spam in the spam section, you have been warned try not to make mistakes anymore. [b]Btw: complains for the forum issues go to Chew. [/b] (took me 30 min to write this with lots of clients on my head so it may not make sence from 1 sentence to another )
  11. Post your impressions about the past Alpha8 stage and wishes for the Alpha9 stage here.
  12. Akasha


    *points on the back* and there is me taking my hair off trying to create order in the MD folders
  13. Akasha


    he is not pregnant just that .. he has a problem with weight
  14. Akasha

    Quest Rewards

    In DS case, simplyzero has the final word, considering it is an ally quest and the ally/guild is his. If other RPC's in the same ally/guild then it is their problem to solve it and decide what to be done.
  15. Akasha

    Quest Rewards

    Please, all of you note that no RPC has the rule to reward every player that completes his/hers quest. The RPC chooses to whom to give the reward and what reward. RPC's have full powers over their rewards and decisions regarding their quests.
  16. Well, rp actions can be made in chat in game, in forum eventually when added to a proper reply, but not to use rp actions just as a reply : eg: *roles eyes..* that is considered spam and rp actions, not fredom of speech.
  17. Please try to stop yourself from posting rp in forums, that is spam. post the reply not the 'rolling eyes' thing. Thank you
  18. Akasha


    closed, and please, next time you start a topic, think if there is a need for that topic or not..i consider this spam and you did that a LOT .
  19. Akasha


    Considering that the photos show the difference between the 2 things ow can i close this topic?
  20. Akasha

    Friend list

    The error will be fixed very soon.
  21. Indeed your answer was given, topic closed. Just so that you can understand not and why not to start digging antciet lore, go read[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=3957&st=0&p=30936&#entry30936"] this post[/url], written by the creator of the game . Log in the game, hit the adventure log button and start from down to up. Good luck !
  22. Will leave the pleasure of closing this nonsense topic to dst.
  23. Why don't you let her read the topics that she states she read them? it is explained plain and simple in there. maybe this way ppl will stop asking questions that have an answer .
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