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  1. No, i was refering to anything; that implies nicknames also, and a nickname is not a name change.

    Magic duel is the game name and should not be implied in such contests and someone to wonder around happy that he/sh is mr or mrs magic duel; for this world, the name of the world is too official and important.

    Just like having mr or mrs necrovion..we have king of necrovion, which is an official and important position.
    The name/ nickname would be too important and heavy just because of the words that will contain...titles like that are not given away easy and some are too important and strong.

  2. For me, using the game name as a reward and nickname or whatever is too official ... you know that the users with that name are banned? how could someone get as a reard the nickname mr magicduel...?

    Maybe another name would sound better, a name that does not represent the game or the lands, as those names/ncknames are very official and should not be used.

  3. Day: Saturday, [color="#8b0000"][b]5th of June[/b][/color]
    Place: [color="#8b0000"][b]Piranha[/b][/color]
    Time: [color="#8b0000"][b]4 pm[/b][/color]

    People attending:


  4. facts:

    - dissusion from ym are bought in MD and rants and bitching; manipulating? =)) dear, you have the same problems and you confirmed that you are part of the ones in subject
    - it is not easy not to read, when everything will change after it. It is not somethng to avoid.

    [size="3"][b]- if you keep adi's fairytales and continue them in your stories; keep alive the stupidity of antcient lore, ofc new players ask what is with that.[/b][/size]
    That is the problem.

    I simply answered your questions for you to see you should really shut up; you make no sence other then random. daily rant; pretend you never heard, at least..but i guess it is not in your power to simply stay away from the damage caussed ...

    in some minisecounds i feel sad for you (you those in subject)..you must really suffer i guess.

  5. Ok, i have to announce it now ...

    This is a vegetable beauty-contest.
    As we all know, vegetables are planted in spring and in autum you eat them ...(most of them...)

    Here is what you need to do:

    Choose a vegetable and start planting it.
    You will have to take pictures of it from the begining (planting part) untill the end ; step-by step untill it's full grown, in the autum.
    Don't forget to add the MD sign near or on it.

    Take care of your seeds and what grows from them, remember it is a beauty-contest!

    Have fun.

    Oh yeah..rewards will be up..in autum :D


  6. Since spring is here, i thought at a new season contest.
    This contest is dedicated to ... Bob, the tree :D

    Here is what you need to do..really simple:
    take a tree (any kind of tree) and plant it in your garden, or near where you live. (You can add some flowers near)
    Take photos of you planting the tree or film yourself, add MD sign on it and ''for Bob, the tree ''. You could even name your newborn tree.

    I am sure Bob will be very happy and think at all the trees planted by you when he is blooming.

    As for the rewards... i will update hopefuly soon, with them.

    Hope you will have fun. :D


  7. Fun gallery removed with all the pics inside.
    Also some of your pics got removed from other albums if they were not related to the game or fantasy or taken from the internet .

    Do not upload anymore prints not related to or from the game, nor random pics from the internet/fantasy please, it will be removed.
    Forum gallery is a feature for personal photos, not a collection of internet pics.

    Thank you.

  8. Geez ..give the godmod rp and s** rp more space to grow...pregants, affairs and all those are stupid rp and only bad comes out of it..we had this disscusion way back anyway.

    Yellow pages to see the affairs and then the rapes incidents to grow? =)) what is this? housewives drama/goosip chanell?
    Stories like Khals burning soul can't be comapred not put in the same post with a pregnant rp.

    I say MD needs to breath, to breath out this kind of stories and rp, not make them bigger, nor bring them more in front.
    We simply need to leave it breath out of the blue thingy that you find everywere, we need to leave the noobs breath when they first enter the game..it needs air, not more smoke to chunk with.

  9. Artworks yes, but , fun things like what you can find in the fun gallery no..the internet is full of them, spammers always send them and i guess there is no room fr it here, i was just reminding the ones that have them to save what they don't keep on pc because will be deleted..

  10. [quote][color="#cccccc"][2010-02-27 03:38:32 - Alpha 9][/color]
    Forum bandwidth and storage space is limited. Filling it up with random gallery images is something i want to avoid. I will start to remove images that i consider pointless. Sorry if i will destroy your personal fun pic collection or your beloved screenshots from other games, i am sure they have perfect meaning for you but they are simply to much. The forum gallery was supposed to have pictured, like in real pictures done by you, about you, with you and your friends, or related to MD in the md section. Other images, such as screenshots, funny pics, random nonsense uploads and others of similar nature will be removed to avoid a forum space upgrade that is realy not required but forum is pushed in that direction because of these. Please save your pictures if the forum is the only place were you hold them. Thanks for understanding.[/quote]

    Please save your pictures and do not add more pictures that enter that cathegory.
    There are some opened albums on personal galery that have been there for ages and no pics inside, use them or delete them.

    Pictures are to be uploaded in the right album, or else will be deleted, no more warnings nor announcements.
    If your pics are screens from the game or have something from the game use game related people! Also, if not sure where you should put your pic, take a look in the albums and see what kind of pics are in there.

  11. This is a topic that should be in MD Court forums, please use the appropiate forums when you post something, stop using general stuff like a desk and we admins and mods the sorters. If you (all of you who do this) will continue and post without looking at the forums and read at least what they are about, (considering MD Court title is not a suggestive one...) measures will start to be taken.

    Topic moved to MD Court forums in Lawyer's Office, Cutler, please read what this forum is about and read what general stuff is about.

  12. [font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][color="#800000"][size="4"][b] [/b][/size][/color][/font]

    [font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"] [color="#800000"][size="4"][b]Words and Shapes[/b][/size][/color][/font]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"]Our human mind limits the words to definitions.
    We forget the shapes build upon words.
    We limited our believes, our range of imaginations and we started to give a specific sense to each word; it is like we blind ourselves with the words.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Today I had a wonderful talk with Awii about his revelation regarding shapes. YES! We are surrounded by shapes build out of words.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] He is the only one that came to me to speak about a real location and a logic explanation of Book of Principles. He used the words to shape the location. One step is done. That does not mean he found it, just that he learned to search the true meaning.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] It is like the numerous actions and theories about Land Weapons. SEE? The word you define blinds you. You have 2 words: land and weapons.
    You define land as one of the current territories, which is correct;[/size][/font][/color]

    [font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"][color="#800000"]You define weapons as something to help you hurt someone/something; to attack, which is [/color][color="#800000"][u]wrong[/u][/color][color="#800000"]![/color][/size][/font]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Take a look in your inventory. What do you have there defined as a weapon?[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Yes! You have cloths, used as a weapon against cold, sun, wind. What else?
    You have weapons to attack: swords, axes, daggers, knifes, etc; also you may find other meaning for those and other items, like shields to protect yourself .[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] So, a weapon is also used to protect yourself or something. The first impact the word gives us is as a weapon to attack, to damage something. We, as humans forget to think, we blind ourselves and leave the beast that lies down in us to act![/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Yes, the beast! The only thing that separates us from animals is our brain and the power to think more and abstain, calm our beast. [/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] A land weapon is, in my definition and findings a weapon that protects the land. From what? Take a look at our Earth ! It is an organism filled with us, the parasites. Sometimes the people represent the danger. We are the ones to start the wars, we are the ones to take benefit of nature givings without giving something back, in return.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] So, yes. Land weapons are not a great dystoring weapon that you can use in war to activate it and use it at your own desire and on who you would like.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Think at them as an organism, as a part of the body, the Land. They are mechanic and spiritual. Like us. We have the body, that works as a mechanism, a machine; and the spirit, the soul that fills the body, animates the machine.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Your greed in finding how it works and use it blinds you from actual seeing things clear. To activate something and use it, you first need to understand the working. To control something you need to own it, or to know it's mechanics.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] While listening ideas and opinions I stumble upon this ''I'', I can, I will''.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Why ''I''? What made you think it is an I and not a We? What is the reason for this I? Human feelings, that want you to be the only one? The need of power? Control? That is/are the reasons why you can't find it, you can't see it. It is not you.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] I find it amusing when I see people searching for a place in Marind Bell, from where the weapon can be activated.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Again, the power of words and shapes. What do we know about Marind Bell;s weapon? We only know that it is the only land that can close; that has a gate to protect it. I say that there are too many clues about it but written in words and not shapes.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Another weapon that I find interesting, is one that I saw reacting when fed. How, what is does is part of what makes it interesting and I would like to test more on this subject, but I guess it is not the time for it.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] The other one needs human sacrifice when you simply follow the mechanics of activating it, not to speak about the spiritual part, the other magic that you are so interested in.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Spirals, Spheres, Circles, all are words that define shapes. Start at the meaning of words and put them in shapes. You will see more of this world. Just like Mirrors... same shapes, or reflections of some shapes.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"] Pyramids, books and cubes, tunnels and lost past. Everything is there and I will try, one finding it to reveal to those that can read and listen to it, be it enemy or friend, information that is given to public is full of meaning and you can learn a lot from it; but, as in any other craft, you need to '''steal'' how to from your teacher, not to copy his/her steps or else you will hit a wall of blindness.[/size][/font][/color]

    [color="#800000"][font="Monotype Corsiva, cursive"][size="3"]
    PS: article for md-archives.com, only that atm it is not functional

  13. Trial eneded.

    [quote][left][color="#8b0000"][b][size="3"]Final Decision or Punishment [/size][/b][/color][/left]
    [b]Good factors (one):[/b]
    Admited before judgement: Yes
    Fixed situation in time: -
    Special Factor: Considers he did it on purpose to set an example

    [b]Bad factors (one):[/b]
    Refuse to cooperate: -
    Recidivist in same crime: -
    Additional crime: yes (used for confirmation CTC not of his own)
    Special Factor: First case to reach a trial regarding item fraud, punishment higher.


    [b]- 500 attack
    [/b][b]- 500 defence
    - Confiscated oldest creature, premium, ID:63369 [/b][b]
    - Trade embargo for one month untill 27 march 10. Any player trading with him will get punished, him too.
    - 1 week prison, untill 6 March 10.[/b]

    [b]Confiscated goods (drach and item)[/b]. Drach will be given back by CTC if requested by owner, to suffer age penalty cost for giving out the ctc of a personal creature to someone else. Item will be restored to JacoAnd.[/quote]
    Trial closed.[/color]

  14. That's a very good idea Awii.

    You can't remove the market section from the forum; it is part of the market and you can't have those auctions in the place you will chose.
    Indeed, having a day for traders with music, dancing and all sort of things is nice.
    If it will be in NML you will stay in the way of some non-traders ppl or it will be too common.
    Who is lazy to come to the traders day, will loose the tradings..i say that they will come.

    Jester streets..are the streets of Jester, i guess you should choose a/some streets that do not have a personal connection with someone, or else you may end up paying tax for that day.

    and again, no rush in this, and those lands have more to come.

  15. I guess if you look closer to some locations from Lands of the East you could actually find some good locations for a market. Your image fits some of those locations.
    Lands of the east are made in a much social way... plus, they are not all released.

    Also, I think you all should fill what we have atm, which is way enough for the amount of population and social activities and after that come with suggestion of 'we need more'.

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