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  1. Thank you all . Hmm..i am to blame for the melting ? but i just had a tiramisu cake
  2. moved to the proper forum, also should be merged with the existing topic : Alliance list, please read before posting same things ! forum should not have double posts/topics
  3. poll deleted. reason: stupid question : ''have ýou voted on this poll''
  4. most of the AL is wrong..he did not helped, he did wrong, very wrong and that is why this should have been left in the past and dead and jeez.... =)) you guys really need some activity other then digg and pull out each year [u]same[/u] stories, [u]same[/u] dramas/memorials about same players that left ...btw : Phorg ?? start living in the present not the past
  5. I must say..i read and i don't know if to laugh or to cry. That story is a blasphemy to shades and the game. Inno i expected you understood why the AL got stopped, why Ren got cut from the project. There are no ships in MD, and nobody can enter the House of Liquid dust, and liquid dust is not something that you can wash yourself with/cure or anything else.. You people like to desinform people and keep your own reality and bound it to the general one. This is why it is so hard for you to see outside the box and find things that were left to be discovered, researched... how could you wh
  6. problem is first that the first one cuts the edges.. :|
  7. first toughts, thou the first one is still opened, should look more into it :|
  8. You should read the AL and find more about the power that stands in womens of Golemus. Also, the Order has a lot of knowledge and value informations about the main lands, weapons and secrets which puts it on top of the list and the leader is a women, me. Indy has another very important guild in MD and it is settled in .. GOlemus and she is a woman. Imagine you get on one of Golemus women tail..you can find yourself with a big problem after that : you get the land messed with the weapons and the other one may send the drachs to invade and devour your bodies. Oh, and we could make an agre
  9. Princ , you know very well that the only language accepted on [u]forums[/u] and in game is english. that was the rule you and Raven broke. Have a signature on f[u]orums[/u] in another language than english is against the rule. How insulting or offending that text is and if...we go on another theme and away from the basic/simple rule. Yes, i can remove it or dst or any other admin/mod very easy, but this is not your first time braking the same rule
  10. again, for ren's understanding : english on [u]forums[/u], right? posts from the forums = txt on [u]forums[/u] signature from the forums = a text in .... [u]forums [/u]mod panel from the forums = a text in ... [u]forums[/u] what else are you saying that is not on forums or it may be considered out of forums? EVERYTHING that is done here, on this forum (by this forum i mean everything on this domain) is THAT forum that only english is allowed. Better now?
  11. Your signature photo must be removed, or resized, it violates one of the forum rules: - Signature pictures may not exceed following rules: Height: 150px Width: 500px File size: 50kb. This is an international forum, therefore international language to be used, aka english and not offensive. Princ knows very well this rule as he posted injurring texts on the mod panel long ago and got warned for that and explained that only english to be used; aka we are speaking about a player that violated the forum rules more times in the past. Exepcions can be, ofc the scientific names/expressions,
  12. [b][b]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomato [/b][/b]
  13. It was a rule given long ago about the forum signatures in other languages..it was saying they are not allowed...lucky for us, there are translators on the internet that can help us understand what goes thru your little minds... Prink and Raven have the same signature and in red and in serbian..and it goes like this : [quote]"Vi slepi, vi gluvi, vi sebični ljudi što pravite buku bez reda i smisla, bez zašto i zato, za koga i kako, bez pitanja koje bi možda osušilo ponosni osmeh na licu bez suza na licu što nikada obraz okrenulo nije Brazgotina, sanduk i crv i obraz i dlaka i krv V
  14. Akasha


    hmm... ''Red chilis contain high amounts of vitamin C and carotene (provitamin A). Yellow and especially green chilis (which are essentially unripe fruit) contain a considerably lower amount of both substances. In addition, peppers are a good source of most B vitamins, and vitamin B6 in particular. They are very high in potassium, magnesium, and iron. Their high vitamin C content can also substantially increase the uptake of non-heme iron from other ingredients in a meal, such as beans and grains'' Chilli pepper remedies In medicinal doses it has a reputation for stimu
  15. Akasha


    Yes, i can Well..after searching my gloves and no results..i had to do it. I admit i went to sleep and kept my hand in a boul with cold water
  16. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

    Guess what it is...

    © © MagicDuel.com

  17. Akasha


    From the album: Happy moments

    © © MagicDuel.com

  18. No, i was refering to anything; that implies nicknames also, and a nickname is not a name change. Magic duel is the game name and should not be implied in such contests and someone to wonder around happy that he/sh is mr or mrs magic duel; for this world, the name of the world is too official and important. Just like having mr or mrs necrovion..we have king of necrovion, which is an official and important position. The name/ nickname would be too important and heavy just because of the words that will contain...titles like that are not given away easy and some are too important and strong
  19. For me, using the game name as a reward and nickname or whatever is too official ... you know that the users with that name are banned? how could someone get as a reard the nickname mr magicduel...? Maybe another name would sound better, a name that does not represent the game or the lands, as those names/ncknames are very official and should not be used.
  20. Hello, thank you very much to everybody.
  21. Akasha

    Sunny Bedroom

    You give the bottle of wiskey to safe keep it to an alcoholic ? Guess that should be a reason why not the persons indicated and why Elthen was choosed. ....just saying
  22. Akasha

    Md Meeting

    Day: Saturday, [color="#8b0000"][b]5th of June[/b][/color] Place: [color="#8b0000"][b]Piranha[/b][/color] Time: [color="#8b0000"][b]4 pm[/b][/color] People attending: Me Mur Dst Indyra Grido Yrth Firs
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