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  1. Heya Shoz, Welcome and have fun! :lol:
  2. Heya Tai, Im only new myself but look forward to seeing you in game. Everything you said is true, im addicted
  3. A few games have been made into movies.... Doom Resident Evil Im sure theres others... Can always use more but! :lol:
  4. Sounds to me like..... Your character is your soul Your creatures are the choices you make You make good choices your creatures get better Your creatures get better your soul gets better At least, thats how i understand it
  5. I dont think Ana was speaking literally Shai'tan
  6. Hi all, Been playing for a day or two and thought it time to say hello. Fantastic artwork, Great people and helpful oldbies! Thanks to all who gave me a hand. I look forward to seeing the game grow!
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