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  1. Well, THANK YOU! I'm at ease now, I know what I have to do (at least in the short term), and the way you've balanced the game seems right, although it was a main subject in my confusion. And I also understand there's no succes story or recipe, but that's a good feature for me. Anyway, I've put the creatures I wanted to upgrade in the defense rituals too, thinking they will gain more experience, so thanks for the long and clear explanation, Progenitor. See you around!
  2. Thanks for the info. But "admire" and "quick" don't go too well togheter for me!
  3. Hi everybody, I've joined for a week or so, and just been through and admired the "arete" of the game. After the first WOW passed, here I am, not exactly knowing how to play it. I've been through most of the forum's topics, of course started with the legends, the game's background, the all talented team (I'll pay pal soon ), but still don't quite get what I'm supposed to do when not following the story line (love the meditating phase). I understood the use of action points, vitality and how you can get and loose honour points. I've been attacked, of course, stayed too long to admire the
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