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  1. haha, that massive half goat/half man.. umm thing was pretty hilarious.
  2. hmm... what a conundrum... Methinks i agreee with I like very much the idea of a parallel universe through which a link is made.
  3. methinks i did actually struggle through all the episodes... and i really do MEAN STRUGGLE... i mean - what was going on with excalibur sheesh!
  4. ooh thats just scary... my brother would like you!
  5. haha charmed? is that still around!? i used to watch that like every friday on channel 5 Though i got bored after it became the same thing over and over again...
  6. gotta love that head-banging orange thingy :-D

  7. we understand manu Im happy with all of tese aswell. Though an i suggest that for n 7) wars should be once a week methinks. that way they can be emphasised as a IG event? Kepp up the good work, were all behind you
  8. do you fancy doing my english homework? That poem is ace
  9. Hi there. One word of warning. Whenever you fight somebody, make sure that you check the amount of honour invloved before you attack. Otherwsie you could end up incurring a negative honour penalty ok? Like manu, progenitor and morrighan have said before, we're always here, so question away
  10. either salem's lot, the shining, or pet semetary are the best ones.
  11. OMG THERE A SEANCHAN IN THE FORUMS! RAND, QUICK SOMEBODY CALL RAND AL'THOR!!!! But hey there, nice to finally find somebody else who's actually read robert jordan If you need anything, me, morrighan, ugagua, ana-maria and king manu, are always around
  12. haha (this time). Id best watch myself in the future. Ill be like a ninja!
  13. Aah fine then. im sorry. warned on my 2nd day -sigh-
  14. wrong. You should use primarily aramors for attacking, but the healer spirits do obviously give you an adge.
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