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  1. Hello! Manu, theres alot of problems with spam bots, heh. Something wrong with your filters?
  2. You change the script with a magic pen you find!
  3. o.O really? i didnt know it was so little...lol oh well, time to revive my generals
  4. Lol, i only beat 2 maps, i dont have enough credits.
  5. I havent played 12, and i dont think the others have timer systems.
  6. And then there is me, at the bottom. --- Btw the reason i havent been online in a while is that all my generals have been killed....and i dont have the resources to respawn them.
  7. A timer system? I havent seen that one yet.
  8. I second that! What brought you to magicduel?
  9. lol... --- So you two can get to know each other...
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