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    learning the Latin language (even though i have horrible grade in Latin, I still love it)
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  1. Ancient

    the future?

    thats freak'n sweet and i don't even like motorcycles lol
  2. Ancient

    Click Me!

    [quote name='Grim Angel' post='25978' date='Feb 25 2009, 01:03 PM']A multi select thing (or scrolling down to select lots in seconds) would be useful for disbanding 50 disbanded single tree rits ><'[/quote] I agree, but why not just not even have to disband the rits. their useless once they don't work. A lil caption that says "bla bla rit" has lost all of its creatures and has been disbanded would suffice.
  3. I would like to help Proofread/and edit(perhaps) I know you already got a couple but i thought i might as well offer.
  4. I've been planning-since i was 12- to freeze my body....in a Cryogenic chamber until i can be reanimated in the future!!!! - i dunno if i will have enough money for that so if i don't I will probably just strap myself to some rocket thats destined for MOTHeR friggin Russia.
  5. I Believe in the supernatural. How can humans even hope to know what is and isn't here in the universe. anyways one of the big reasons i believe in the supernatural was a freaky(scarred the living sh*t outa us-at least for a lil while)- experience i had using an oujia board with my couzen.
  6. Ancient


    Telperion- the magical tree from Middle Earth i'm pretty big fan of Lord of the Rings. Valraukar- i think it was supposed to be valaruakar but i messed down lol. also from Lord of the rings. these were the balrogs (if you've seen the movies.) KillerSith- yeah I'm also a bit of a star wars fan lol. EXvall- also from star wars, and my Xbox Live id. my forum name Ancient just sounded CLASSSIC.
  7. I added gender to it, sorry to peeps that already posted. I also found that page but it looked like u had to join it or something if wanted to add your information to it.
  8. I was just wondering what age groups primarily play this game..it seems like mostly *sneeze* older *cough* people play this game. yes my first 2 questions have an "or" part pertaning to grade but that is just cuz your maturity level be a tad bit different depending on who your peers are. if you want to be more specific on your age just post--please post :good:
  9. HAHA I figured it out by dumb luck or maby I'm just retarded. LOL either way i feel stupid but it turns out it was all an ILLUSION... i can now use my creatures. And sorry-but happy- its not a bug
  10. I have been playing on and off forever but recently started playing (on) again a couple of days before I posted this bug. I did not do anything out of the ordinary to the account. Like I said at top, i just fought a few peeps and then put it on idle and went to sleep. SO the creatures were there for a couple of says at least and then like MAGIC they 're gone lol
  11. Yeah sorry guys I'm hardly on much, but i did figger some things out. 1) I do have the creatures. It will let me sackrifice them. 2) I wasn't hacked. None of my other accounts had anything bad happen to them and their passes are saved on lab top. So yeah, i cannot heal my creatures or level them up or do anything that involves the creatures screen. anything I ( or you ) can do short of restarting the account will be greatly appreciated. here are some screen shots. [attachment=694:what_happened.JPG] thank you for your help people at the gazeebo who helped me get the pictures on
  12. alrighty, so this is it. I log in yesterday night (past 10:00 I think?) I attack and get attacked a few times and then deside to idle while i got to sleep. I get up in the morning and find this message in the middle of the available creatures page: You do not posess any creatures. In this place you will be able to sacrifice your creatures to get permanent skill increase, honor and other benefits. Illusion creatures can not be sacrificed where did all my creatures go?? I had 6 fully leveled ones and another 8 semi leveled. Their all gone. i assume this is a gam
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