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  1. well i don't live on the mountains but on the laaaaaarge plain south of them

  2. ahah XD maybe it's me who jumps on them... how can u know... xDDD

  3. i added the ones i know and i like in tha game... everyone add it's own friends i guess... don't think there are buddy requests and stuff like that :P i'ven't checked all but some exchanged the add

  4. thank ya :P give u bac k :P

  5. ehy sha! how r u??

  6. i use msn messenger : marymalfoy@hotmail.it

  7. staying here... doing nothing..

  8. okay. enjoy urself! ^^

  9. don't want u to leaveeeeeeee :''((

  10. yesterday i saw too late ur message in the chat cause i was sitting there doing something else :( sorry

  11. nope but prob pics are better than reality

  12. poor 'em... if they're uglier than me...

  13. poor girls! come on they cannot be so ugly! probabily u've only seen the wrong ones!

  14. nope.. i haven't seen many of them... how are they?

  15. kidnap english emos for me *_*

  16. do u like my new haircut? :P

  17. come on come on XD

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