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  1. Finalmente un italiana...di dove sei?

  2. well i don't live on the mountains but on the laaaaaarge plain south of them

  3. ah, so in the mountain area, my brother lives there :P he says its nice, might go there this summer :P

  4. crazy Italian girl, yeah that might be possible, what part of Italy are you from?

  5. ahah XD maybe it's me who jumps on them... how can u know... xDDD

  6. just wondering cuz you are one of the few girls playing and apparently all the guys jumped on you hahahhaha

  7. i added the ones i know and i like in tha game... everyone add it's own friends i guess... don't think there are buddy requests and stuff like that :P i'ven't checked all but some exchanged the add

  8. i just realised you have the most friends hahaha, did you add them or did they add themselves?

  9. thank ya :P give u bac k :P

  10. gave u 5 stars cuz u look pretty :D

  11. ehy sha! how r u??

  12. i use msn messenger : marymalfoy@hotmail.it

  13. *hugs* I am very very drunk right now... but I'm officially adopting you as my little sister so I can hug you and say that you rock without being called a dirty old man :P I can't focus enough to log on to the game right now but I promise to hassle you loads tomorrow and is you use any messengers mail me to say which one and I'll give you my addy :P

  14. staying here... doing nothing..

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