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    Forming a training alliance, Scarabeus, for those that are dedicated to the game. And as such the ongoing conditions that you will have to meet in order to be accepted as a member.
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  1. [quote name='SoulTear' post='20956' date='Nov 27 2008, 10:52 AM']STF don’t you control morpheous? And weren’t you the one that sent someone to the dream world a while back for insulting you using that character?[/quote] nope i know of a player being banned though for writing stuff on my log, among other things, but i did not do that either.
  2. [quote name='dst' post='20804' date='Nov 24 2008, 11:09 PM']Unfortunately it seems that the dojo lost his initial purpose and has become a place where you conveniently train you creatures and gather xp and stats...a place for cowards in my opinion. It's useful for mp3s maybe for mp4s but not for mp5s and I saw a lot of them in there... If this will continue I will become of you think I am: the villain of MD... Btw: this is not a threat...it's just an expression of my ideas.[/quote] well... perhaps soon you will be in a dream too like a punishment (the way calyx thought might do me good) or
  3. [quote name='Grido' post='20801' date='Nov 24 2008, 10:09 PM']*edits out second typing in* as in, how can you tell if someone has left a message that it's alright to attack them, if people have been speaking in the area? don't know myself, you'll have to ask Calyx on that one, i think it might've been her papers i read that rule from[/quote] even if such a 'rule' would be set it would be without substance, as the dojo is a place where players meet to exchange knowledge and, as far as i know, you can only do that while not idle but active.
  4. [quote name='Grido' post='20792' date='Nov 24 2008, 05:39 PM']no, you may only attack an idle player if they have left permission for players to attack them no, you may only attack an idle player if they have left permission for players to attack them[/quote] can you endorse in any way such a statement?
  5. [quote name='xPo' post='19743' date='Nov 12 2008, 02:04 PM']About those players that "abuse" Dojo, trying to get protection, I don't care about them, because they can be attacked there, it's not 100% sure they won't be attacked for those who don't support the Dojo idea. They can go to willow's to attack and then go back to Dojo, but then if they get attacked, we can always see the Battle log and the time of the attack's and see that if he was at the Dojo or not...[/quote] Actually the log does not give info for others but only for the ones that are engaged with that fight. Hence, the fight l
  6. [quote name='Liberty4life' post='19495' date='Nov 5 2008, 06:13 PM']ty a lot, your contribution is very useful[/quote] I was thinking maybe you can link it to this page [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.php?showtopic=1839&hl=combo"]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com//index.p...39&hl=combo[/url] ...under Q: What are combos? I have the feeling the post is futile here, and mp3 players, to whom I address will not read it. Thank you,
  7. ++++++ i wanted to post this with the basics, but i cannot... so, ill just dump it here. ++++++ I would add something that the sooner you realize the better. You will see that with each fight that you win with a certain ritual the vitality that goes into the creature(s) that is(are) in it rises. This goes by the following rule: For each combo point you have with a ritual you get 0.25% of your max vitality with that ritual. e.g. for a 100 combo you will get a total of 12.5k vitality when having 10k max vitality each time you will attack with that ritual. Bearing this in mind you will s
  8. my posts on this forum are scarce... and they are so because i only chose to post when something happens in this case the thing that happened was one of the so called dojo defenders threatens me with pm. that is no good guys, you should know better how to promote the dojo. what i can tell you from starters is that so far i outlived all the ones that started playing this game, and i do not intend to retire any time soon. the way i see it this dojo thing might be memory next year... but who knows
  9. [quote name='Sol' post='13879' date='Aug 17 2008, 07:16 PM'][b]Is it ok to attack idle players in the dojo.[/b] Yes, but only if they left word that it was ok.[/quote] guys... all the respect for helping the other players, but... the thing is that i cannot agree with not attacking (idle or not); if you do not want to be attacked you logout or stay in sanctuary. anyways... those places are way too close to willow to even consider not thinking of them as places where i would not find players to attack. peace :D
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