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  1. Participants so Far: chewett, smartalekrj, killer2, Nauraph, Akasha, Ashkon, Metal Bunny, Morrighan, Steno

    The Story So Far:

    One day the gate at the gates of Ages opened up a bright shimmering light blinded my eyes. This light reflected off my sword and blinded something in front of me. The thing howled as i glared i noticed it was enormous and it had a huge huge huge greataxe resting on its shoulder. It swung its axe back and then the dark began to raise upon it's age and a howling effort cringed me with fear followed by stabbing pain trough my poor ferrum cuniculum, caused by the enchanted blade. i feinted and then later i awoke to find myself in a very dark place aghast i asserted that i couldn't move because there was a great weight pressing on my...

    Chewett: chest. suddenly the weight lifted and at that moment ...

    Ashkon: and i tried to rise, but ....

    Morrighan: something lifted me up and I found myself face to face with a...

    Steno: great, dark being with power so immense that it left dazzled

  2. I just find it annoying that I really need honor. Yet, I can barely attack anyone for positive honor, and when I can, even when I have massive advantages and a very good ritual, I ALWAYS lose, without fail, and then, I lose honor, yet every login, I have lost more honor in the 'idle' stage, from what I had before log-off, and I have somehow gained 20 wins in the meantime, yet when I get attacked and lose, I lose honor, but I don't appear to gain any from being attacked and winning.

  3. I think the phrase is "food for thought". I know, first off, I don't control the in-game stuff. I basically manage them, make sure that they stay active so they don't get deleted. And do ranking, which, by the way, the 7th week of monitoring is NOt missing, I have it, I just want to keep the week's info in order, so I'm waiting for Jonn to email me his info from the 6th week. :) And, also, that would require almost weekly, and/or biweekly updates to game, and honestly, sorry man. but I think I'd personally rather Mur make additions to the game and/or corrections than change the bonus or the order of the partners.

  4. It does not really matter, if you have spare time that you'd be willing to help out with the game during, it is great. Plus, maybe we will get a huge influx of Italians, if we get a partner or get mentioned on an Italian site. (you could probably help with that?)

  5. Yes, they can ask, if they'd like to know, otherwise, you try to avoid discussing it, even though, sometimes, I personally say over chat, I try and cut down on how often I do that, and normally initiate a chat raid (where people say random stuff to get bad comments off of the readable script) when I do say something. The point is, either way, that it is still spoiling, as kiler2 so graciously pointed out. And you do it as little as possible, if at all.

  6. Yes, you can find out in-game, but it is waaayyyy too much of a spoiler, I only have any idea at all because I was told. and I'm not really supposed to have more than the general idea until I get to MP6. So, as this is the case for all other player who aren't yet MP6, why should they get to know? It keeps you excited about progressing further. and having YOUR OWN protector cast spells on you is enough of a preview already.

  7. Good joke Jonn, Chewett: read below for what I THINK he is trying to say about #s 4 and 6:

    4. Creatures look a lot different from level to level. If I see a creature that I have no idea what it is, in a fight. the only thing the current setup tells me is the Creatures' ID number and level. Also, if I don't even HAVE that kind of creature, I might not even know what creature has that ID number. So, short of asking that player or other players, I don't know. Also, some creatures' appearances are misleading. Such as the level Water Daimon. It looks more like a level I Aramor than it does look like a Water Guardian, of course, they are different creatures.Also, the level V, or maybe it is level VI Archer looks more in the line of a Grasan than it does an Archer, it looks, in my opinion, nothing at all like an Archer.

    6. You have no idea what is IN a ritual. Okay, let's say that I want to attack... Gilbert. Now, I know that he currently has a defensive ritual that I know how to beat without hardly any loss to me or my creatures whatsoever. Now, my ritual, that always wins with little or no loss in Ve, or maybe even a gain, has 6 creatures in it. Now, let's say that I have a level V Archer within that ritual. However, I have three level V Archer's. and one is dead (or at 2-3%), another has ... 43% Ve, and the other has 100% Ve. now, I'd REALLY like to know which of those three is in the ritual before initiating the fight. and I'd rather not have to exit out and perform a test fight with that ritual to find out which Archer is in that ritual. Only to lose quite a bit of heat in the process, some Ve, and hurting the other creatures in that ritual, just to find that it had my 100% Ve Archer.

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