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  1. Happy birthday... ¬¬

  2. Happy Birthday sasass! Long time-no see man.

  3. Shoot. We are missing it somehow, I'll have to find the hand-written records, hopefully, I haven't recycled that paper yet.
  4. I think the phrase is "food for thought". I know, first off, I don't control the in-game stuff. I basically manage them, make sure that they stay active so they don't get deleted. And do ranking, which, by the way, the 7th week of monitoring is NOt missing, I have it, I just want to keep the week's info in order, so I'm waiting for Jonn to email me his info from the 6th week. And, also, that would require almost weekly, and/or biweekly updates to game, and honestly, sorry man. but I think I'd personally rather Mur make additions to the game and/or corrections than change the bonus or the orde
  5. 6th week of monitoring! I couldn't do it, Jonn recorded, waiting on info.
  6. Happy Birthday man!

  7. O ya Congratzs ....>>>>ON MOD

  8. Hey Man...Im back!!!!!!!! >>I Guess

  9. 5th week of monitoring! Rank # | Votes/Incom. Hits | Outgoing Hits/Other Votes | Rank Change 1. 27 | 1246 | 160 | Same 2. 23 | 1109 | 147 | Same 3. 16 | 373 | 106 | Up ONE! 4. 1 | 761 | 159 | Same 5. 18 | 496 | 188 | Up ONE! 6. This site is now defunct and does not exist any longer 7. 32 | 184 | Unk. | Down ONE 8. 8 | 1244 | 129 | Same 9. 57 | 147 | 51 | Up FOUR! 10. 27 | 198 | 77 | First week of monitoring (Apex) * Overall Weekly Rate Change: 0.5556 Overall Rankings Average: 23.2222 * Note on #10: It was added about 2 weeks ago to site, but only accepte
  10. Okay, here is the list of voting sites that have MagicDuel added to. They may or may not be monitored, if you, personally, would like to assist me with this project by selecting a group of voting sites to monitor, please, pm me. This does not include all of the sites, that are on the website, or in-game. This is just the list as I know it and as I have personally contributed to it. XTremeTop100 *added a while ago, maybe 2/4?* MuOnline *added 2/6* (this one, I can't translate to find the vote link, but please, write and review anyway) Crimsongames200.com*added2/4* not on in-game or o
  11. Woah, nice personal statement mate. ;)

  12. Okay, we have a whole host of new partners that I have yet to set up,(I will also have to check to see if MagicDuel already includes them, they include: topwebgames.com(no magicduel)*have ads*^suggested by Whane the whip^submitted, done toprpggames.comtyped in wrong topgamesites.net (we have top-game-sites.com)*ads* addeddone gtop100.com*ads*(have MD)addeddone oz-games200.com(have MD)*ads* done directoryofgames.com(No MD)*ads* gamesites100.net(No MD)*no ads* mpogtop.com (No MD) *no ads* topfreegameservers.com (No MD)*no ads* phpgamesnetwork^suggested bydunk3r^*ads* done Jonn jagtopl
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