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  1. Definately interested - need to plan it in - if I remember ;o) ScotinBelgie ID: 3609
  2. OK so roughly how often does a MP3 player beat you when you attack them, 1 in 10, 5 in 10 (balance), never? If it is never, then I would suggest that is bullying. As for the policing role, if that is an official role then I was suggesting access to fight logs or creature lists would be a more accurate method rather having an RPC randomly attack lower levels. And if one of your official roles is to police players then you should have access to that data.
  3. smartalekrj, I'm sorry but I think your assumptions are a little off. In fact perhaps maturity would be a better way to differentiate the MP levels, which based on your last post might mean that you would be 'demoted'. Of course it is only a game, but if for every one of the 'positive' responses you recieve is matched with a negative story then obviously your technique needs to be reviewed. Rather that having an RPC go around randomly 'bullying' other players, I would have thought that checking some of a players fight logs would be a more accurate way of 'policing' the MP levels. Just my tup
  4. ScotinBelgie Can now kill the NPCs! Also noticed problem wth puzzle in Berzerkers way. Not noticed anything else.......yet ;o)
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