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  1. Ohh noo gonna get sued for copyright XD

  2. Mmm... Probaly Chewett2 That's a cool name :P Spam it!!!

  3. Ledah

    Yo Ren XD Yea your comments are a bit pathetic compared to my 4 :P

  4. Metal tastes nice. So do Bunnies so why can't I eat you, MB? ;( Na kidding. I'd roast you first.

  5. Hmm I attacked and you brutally killed me =D Yes your radiant glai, so I'll give you 4 =D

  6. Hmm... I wonder what rating I should give you? I mean, you did kick my ass brutally once... :)

  7. Ledah

    Wow you had 1 star before I came along dst =D btw how are your trees? XD

  8. I read your profile XD

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