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  1. I willingly admit defeat to the fair-smelling Chewett.
  2. Could make mini quests or leave it scattered around like how to get to GWI.
  3. I don't have a problem with this sort of change. If I were to make a change myself, I would just make 2 tiers of alliances. You have the 'actual' alliance (badge, land affiliation etc.) and a guild. A guild would be a way to express interest in joining an alliance, would also allow people to show their interest in multiple alliances/what they stand for without having to commit to one fully. If you give alliances more authority/info on what they are supposed to represent (lands mechancis etc.) would be a good way to disseminate that infromation. Requiring a guild be made, run and proven us
  4. Item 2 - 7th Anni - CID 58 - 776716 - 60 WHOLE plushies
  5. Item 8 - Darkling, 2836 age ID: 793858 - 25 plushies
  6. Agreed! Time to bid them up! Item 2 - 7th Anni - CID 58 - 776716 - 20 plushies Item 3 - 9th Anni - CID 60 - 822371 - 20 plushies Item 4 - 11th Anni - CID 63 - 851617 - 15 plushies Item 5 - 13th Anni - CID 65 - 863559 - 15 plushies Item 6 - Wind Drachorn egg - 2836 age ID 793846 - 15 plushies Item 8 - Darkling, 2836 age ID: 793858 - 15 plushies PS: Happy to buy the use of peoples plushies...
  7. Thank you to phantasm for inviting me to the alliance initially and coming back to endorse the handover. I know you are a busy man and I hope one day to see you around more often. Hopefully I don't miss you next time! Thank you Mal as well for sticking around On a more practical note, there will probably be changes coming to the alliance, any new leader needs to make their mark, after all. With that said, the biggest change that can be made at the moment is adding some new blood, so if anybody is interested in joining, please don't hesitate to make it known.
  8. Not sure how it looks in Chrome, but I've always had to scroll left to see if those crits survived, but yes, definetly a LOT better!
  9. Works fine on FF 78.0.2 with uBlock addon disabled, assuming this is about the excessive scrollbars? Danke
  10. Quite, quite! I would hate to assume but surely there must be at least one? Perhaps even more!
  11. Once he has been suitably restrained into his coding chair, I suggest adding icons for and releasing any creatures in the pipeline
  12. You could consider them a gentle nudge to move up to MP4
  13. You aren't meant to be able to do everything at MP3, like how certain creatures now need a certain Mindpower to advance. Don't see a problem with it being harder (not impossible) to use the shop either. I'm interested in how MP3 get loyalty, is it just the +1 per login?
  14. Ah 2 prizes eh... neat. Can I yoink 10x tokens for the first trivia as well then please?
  15. Depends on your tolerance to poison! I suggest adding Grasan Cheese to this list...
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