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  1. The first part of my strategy was to have Ledah declared the winner every time, but unfortunately that didn't make it in.
  2. It would be nice to have some clarification and guidelines as to what a spoiler is, certainly an updated one... I think we only have the punishments for a spoiler but no updated guidance on what to avoid!
  3. A genuine thank you for showing up everyone! This event would have been nothing without you all there being... lively as you are all wont to do. Here is a log courtesy of the Chewman, it is an exquisite read... Granny.rtf
  4. It did technically work, I would like to point out.
  5. Well, surprisingly close! I'm disappointed I am not able to give my own posts a little blue heart or green arrow, but I suppose the 7 of you who voted will have to do. In first place we have the one, the only, Clair de Lune! The voice only gets ever more incessant, so I hope we can arrange the ceremony soon, I certainly hope within the next 6 days... In second place we have our incorrigible bacon lover, MaGoHi! He has, of course, chosen the 'free' murder, most wise. On a personal level, I hope you choose your next victim more wisely... In joint third we have the dynamic duo Sten
  6. Last but not least is number... 4! First you must gather your comrades. Then, you send them all out to do mundane time-consuming tasks. While they are gone, you take Granos’ body, standing it up, making its eyes open. You hang a mirror in front of the body so the eyes stare over it’s shoulder. You take all of the lumber and ore you’ve collected and build a giant oven that granos’ body can see. As your comrades come back, you kick them and the offerings they brought into your oven. then you light the oven. As Granos’ souls see other souls joining him in such a cruel fashion
  7. Our THIRD entry: Deep in the East, there's a grove, a grove where large trees abound. There's a number of such trees there, a fixed number, and no more grow. Without fire, that is. Take the body of the deceased and carry it to the grove. Don't forget to take a solid quantity of bushie wine or other alcoholics. Once there, lie the body in the middle of the grove and share the drinks. The intoxicated warriors need to remove the excess heat that now flows in their veins. Let them fight and raise temperature to boiling levels, then all you need is a spark. Get within safe distance and wa
  8. First one: i will buy a revive from Syrians revive tool to reveive granos with that
  9. As I had 4 whole submissions, public voting will be 48 hours long, one round only. I'll be holding my vote until the end... Voting ends 27/04/2021 23:59 ST. Like or upvote the one you want to win.
  10. Had to happen someday...! I'm extending submissions by 24 hours to 25/04/2021 23:59 ST as I won't really be around proper until late Sunday now.
  11. I'm around after ~2100 ST Sunday. Busy weekend!
  12. I don't believe another feature needs to be added to reduce heat. As has been noted you can currently: Drop using UP/Regen Sacrifice a creature Wish for it A stronger UP has been released, which should mitigate the 3 limit we have now. We are also getting, in my opinion, insane amounts of permanent VE just for logging in every day, which will help with losing VE. Also, if you are gaining heat, that means your creatures are too. While it may be less than your profile heat, if you really want to uncap that badly, perhaps sacrifice some creatures, or a WP for that matter.
  13. You both have a berserker? There was me thinking it was limited... Just to clarify, if you roll 3, then 5, is that 5 crits from one land, or at least having 5 lands represented in the ritual?
  14. It is when it leads to uber Mp3/4 dominating others.
  15. I'll admit I have not been MP3 for a long time. Are they able to drop heat? If so, I don't fancy giving them special perks for combat or people will just stay there. Same for MP4 to an extent. Let them get the profile wins if heatcapped to advance, but that would be about it imho.
  16. Perhaps there would be a way to prove this is not just a fleet of fancy? Perhaps wishing for it, or perhaps even giving up aspects of the old identity, to start a new role? An interesting thought, not just in this case, but future ones perhaps. After all, if you wish so strongly to become McChickyNuggy you will give up key aspects of your current identity, that shows true resolve to me.
  17. Completely negating portions of the combat system, including for your opponent, seems quite powerful. Hopefully they would have a steep downside to counterbalance.
  18. I would post the fun new stuff here, but I kinda feel it is a spoiler. If you want to know, you have to die in my opinion... lash will help.
  19. As Sunfire is currently indisposed he asked me to post the rules for this most noble of tournaments in his stead. After extracting an acceptable price I have agreed to do so and changed the rules so they best suit myself whilst doing so. THE RULES Best of 3, single elimination. Any creatures, any tokens, only restriction is no moss. Obtain your dice rolls from https://www.random.org/dice/ - roll 2 die at once. The first roll decides your twist, the second the quantity. For example, rolling 2 then 5 means you must have a minimum of 5 different species in your ritual for that
  20. I fully support this name change. We all go through changes in MD and sometimes a name change is the best way to reflect those changes. Let me be the first to welcome you into MD, McChickyNuggy. Godspeed.
  21. Just under a week to submit. Don't miss your chance to get a free revive tool for a few words...
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