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  1. Just under a week to submit. Don't miss your chance to get a free revive tool for a few words...
  2. I think the main thing we can all agree on, is that at the end of the day, we all had fun! Also, do not listen Mag.
  3. Sundays are usually best for me, by a margin. Best time is when everyone else is asleep, usually
  4. I should clarify, you personally are not required to mechanically revive Granos as part of the quest, through any means of your own. From a practical side of things, I will have a spell to revive Granos. So long as that succeeds, at the conclusion of your ritual/ceremony etc., that is a successful revival for the purposes of this quest. Anything else is a failure, of course! EDIT: To further clarify, rewards are based on the popular vote of your method. The ceremony being succesful will have no impact on you receiving your prizes... but it will have an impact on you.
  5. Well, the leader will be the one doing the murdering, I leave to wiser minds the topic of wider culpability! Considering MD seems to run mostly on Common Law it is an interesting question. Hopefully, we have a test case soon. Certainly, I personally won't look to blame whoever requested the murder, unless it is MaGo.
  6. Rewards added, although sadly my eternal gratitude is no longer on the table. Apologies!
  7. Ever wanted somebody murdered? Haven't we all. Therefore, if anyone wants to see someone zeroed out, just contact the leader of the Caretakers with a suitable offer, I am sure you will be able to work something out. There is only one condition for any murder through this item: You cannot ask for a member of the Caretakers alliance to be killed. Membership has to have some perks, right? Now, if you have landed here because you have won a "free" use of this wonderful tool... there are a few other restrictions. PM the holder of The Spade who you would like to see murdered. I
  8. I present to you, another quest to revive Granos. Another one you say? Quiet in the back now... I had hoped to avoid seeking help for this, but every time I rest my head, I hear this incessant nagging… some call it a conscience, but why would any conscience whisper the word “void” at me nonstop, let alone mine? Initially I feared for my life, but now I fear it is my sanity that is at risk, so please, help me! I need you to make a ceremony/ritual to resurrect Granos. You must be able to achieve this in-game and must provide any resources you intend to use. Failure to complete the
  9. I am, of course, participating. I have a reputation to uphold.
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