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  1. I forgot to post here Item 1 Anni Crit - 15 Item 2 Anni Pin -10 Item 3 Gold Token x 2 - 50 Item 9 Anni Pickle - 5 Item 11 Anni Cake - 5 Total of 85 plushies, danke in advance
  2. Maybe not extreme but nearly lost it... too many close 99% losses over the years... Also 666 too because ofc
  3. To add to the last post, I guess you could just ask a Guardian or someone to tele you offf but seems a bit daft to include that as a way out... kinda a moot point feels like?
  4. Feel free to delete any of the spoilers, I'm not going to go in depth in them but they are kinda spoilers.... I'm also going to mainly approach this as an older account going to GWI. TLDR on that front: It is interesting and everyone should do it once, but needs to be simpler to leave for those teleported there. As I've written it, this is quite spoilery but I am sure I have something wrong so please correct me! For new players, I don't think it is a good impression having them start on an island with nobody else nor a story to keep them interested at the moment. I like how it teaches c
  5. I willingly admit defeat to the fair-smelling Chewett.
  6. Could make mini quests or leave it scattered around like how to get to GWI.
  7. I don't have a problem with this sort of change. If I were to make a change myself, I would just make 2 tiers of alliances. You have the 'actual' alliance (badge, land affiliation etc.) and a guild. A guild would be a way to express interest in joining an alliance, would also allow people to show their interest in multiple alliances/what they stand for without having to commit to one fully. If you give alliances more authority/info on what they are supposed to represent (lands mechancis etc.) would be a good way to disseminate that infromation. Requiring a guild be made, run and proven us
  8. Item 2 - 7th Anni - CID 58 - 776716 - 60 WHOLE plushies
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