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  1. ya our alliance gets cheated in my eyes on ap a big timer and little regen. We used to get like 50 before the values changed but now its only 30
  2. Think of this as a wishlist id love to see in the shop feel free to create your own items as well but please dont over power them keep it realistic, who knows muratus might take notice and implement a few of them. Try to create uses and tell why these would be effective. Experience Siphon: Cost 1$ Available 50 Requirements: 1000 honor 100 active days(made so high so that cant be abused by mp3/4 to become insanely strong) Use: Permantly removes 5m total xp from character profile. Why: At 25m xp the game becomes boring you have to lose on purpose and hope the opponent has regen or lif
  3. im not really fond of the current way the heads contest is done. The logging out tatic is pretty lame in my books even if you dont get points while logged out its still a huge advantage, because alot of the time they are still in the game on a 2nd account spying for more heads to go take them. Just be thankful muratus wont implement old rules for head contest. It was by far the most fun i ever had in the game during the first few contests. The first few rounds was winner takes all, was no win for just 1 head. A win was a win and i liked that aspect, also we didnt have logout noobs. If
  4. quick question for how i vote to make sure im in rules. I click one link then alt tab to go back to the credit page and click 3 others so 4 links load at a time since my nets not always the fastest. This wont get me tagged for cheating will it?? Since my net loads slow this allows the credit page to have to be loaded fewer times and i still click on all the ones required.
  5. Muratus can you rehost the free credits and make them all worth 0 cash let us earn your trust back in them. With it being worth nothing there wont be any abuse issues, but theres no point in hurtning yourself as well. Many people found this game threw those top lists lets not deprive future md players of a chance to join us. Please spread the word to get everyone to come show support here
  6. Leader: yrthilian Current Members savelfuser .Wodin Ullr. .Metal Bunny. Nihal Shadowice Frooo Dmik King Tremir Homeland Golemus Golemicarum Purpose of alliance: Wodin recruited many of us to help aid him in destroying the shade army. We are actively recruiting people for the alliance. If you feel you are strong enough, and active enough to join the cause pleace contact the recruiters listed above.
  7. max is 24m and im just about there as well
  8. my value is 31733 without any enhancements, ill try to take a screenshot for you after free credits its really high
  9. im ok with your logging off, to me thats just general game playing. by logoff abussers i mean people that im assuming leave contest score page open and log in long enough to attack then log out again. protecting heads
  10. the logoff trick has been abused to death today epople get 100 heads then log out id just llike for us to have someone to take heads from but as people get them they log out to protect them but they dont get points for
  11. Currently after a fight any of my creatures that die are staying dead i set the rituals up to use 100% and my regeneration is 166. The only possible thing i could think to cause this is somehow my value is -45k
  12. I just read it all today id like to make suggestions, currently it seems incredibly messy if you dont understand whats going on exactly. I got to about page 50-60 before i realized that the storyline wasnt 1 big storyline but looking in at different characters. So i have suggestions to maybe clean it up abit. 1. Maybe color code the differnt lines. Say maybe all of smarts dragon storys are blue headings, and wodin ones are orange. Something like that to help people distinguish. 2. Make sections for the storys. Give us options how wed like to read them, such as how it is now as the
  13. i agree, today has been so annoying trying to gather heads people are getting them in mp5 and logging out. We cant get a stack going for anyone to generate high scores at this rate.
  14. ya this sounds like a fun idea but do you mean temp or permenant. Id love to trade in my value points for vitality or ap. I have 31k value and its almost always full but my ap and vit are always 0. Id gladly trade value in 2 for 1 or something. It would add more strategy to the game. For movement it would have to be higer thou because i find like 100 coins at a time so it couldnt be 2 for 1 either because then youd have infintite AP
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