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  1. my value is 31733 without any enhancements, ill try to take a screenshot for you after free credits its really high
  2. I just read it all today id like to make suggestions, currently it seems incredibly messy if you dont understand whats going on exactly. I got to about page 50-60 before i realized that the storyline wasnt 1 big storyline but looking in at different characters. So i have suggestions to maybe clean it up abit. 1. Maybe color code the differnt lines. Say maybe all of smarts dragon storys are blue headings, and wodin ones are orange. Something like that to help people distinguish. 2. Make sections for the storys. Give us options how wed like to read them, such as how it is now as the
  3. i dont really know how i missed this post the first time around but id be happy to research some stuff if needed. This sounds like it has the potential to be really really neat
  4. Im curious how someone got up to 20k to buy sungod mask with this, it takes just over 40 total points to get back into town and that means you can do 3 sacrafices worth about 6-8k so what am i missing that let him get up to 20k?
  5. Great idea manu heres some suggestions id like to make for you. Winning alliance gets like 1-2 stat points whatever you feel is fair, then all participating alliances get like maybe half a point or something. This way everyone will still join and have fun while making their group stronger. Also instead of making it so normal can only attack normal, let the non alliance people be like mercinaries, and in the capitals have like a temp alliance that can hold alot more members then the cap and they can sign up there to participate. They wouldnt be eligible to be the winning alliance, but t
  6. does anything give a decent amount of luck for sacraficing?? all i seen was an elemental, was there something i overlooked?
  7. my lvl 4 archer gives me 3k value at the current time while my lvl 5 archer gives 2k. Also the 2nd lvl of elementals just after egg only gives honor when it takes nothing to upgrade it,
  8. can we get something to encourage more fighting for alliance members soon, i have had like 3 fights all week. Those werent even fun because i had to lose honor just to attack people and their crappy rituals they put in place to farm some losses. I just wanna fight some real rituals with no penelty sometime very soon before i grow bored
  9. i voted for sacrafice alter, id like to see an area to duel maybe without honor loss or something. As you know most higher lvl players become bored of this game because they cant attack anyone without losing honor and no one wants to attack them because their xp is so high. Maybe remove the xp total or add an area to duel without honor being effected to encourage more people not standing in safe zones all day long.
  10. Casualties: Defender:-84.135977%, Attacker:0% E lost: -47400vit; A lost: 0vit; new record for most healed??? 47400 weird thing is i used a hollow warrior 2 guardians set to regenerate and an archer and 2 grassan that were already maxed
  11. hope not much more then 500 i havent seen very many over 500 cept one of ugauga members thats at like 3k
  12. so modest he doesnt read and post coulda claimed as your own lol but you bring them to us
  13. its all your fault ana i seen your super good drawings and just had to join forums
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