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    Reading books, ice-cream, being on the computer all day long, books, watching movies, cloudy days, books, anime, PC games, books, playing the piano, days off school, and of course books.
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  1. From your profile, I see I am not the only one enamored with the Moon! Hope to see you in game soon.

  2. Your profile picture is so lovely =)

  3. Jellybean cookies don't sound that appetizing :P

  4. Did you see the new episode of Avatar that came out? It was so cool! :D

  5. That is a good question. Water WOULD be pretty cool. They all have their good points. I would want to be Avatar and bend them ALL! ;)

  6. By the way, which element would you like to bend? I would like to bend water :P

  7. Yay, it's Zukos alter-ego. I love the show too. Thanks for your comment.

  8. The Blue Spirit from Avatar the Last Airbender right? I like that anime.

  9. And a very Merry Christmas to you too Morrighan.

  10. Hola Act. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  11. Awww too bad. I'll keep looking :P

  12. Hehe nope, I haven't come across your brain while searching for mine :P

  13. Yeah! But it looks kinda like shaved ice :P

  14. its beautiful isnt it? :P

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