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  1. Thank you King Manu... it's perfect... the logo is amazing... Thank you again!!!!
  2. Awesome!.. Thanks King Manu..... We really appreciate all the time and care you put into this...... You Rock! :. enslaved .:
  3. ooo the white rabbit...... where is My red pill or blue pill.. gotta have the pills first.... !!.. Bring on the pills!...lol - now has that darn song stuck in My head - :. enslaved .:
  4. Well, I never like happy endings... Sooo with that being said.... The girl is pure evil, and is only luring you, the player, into a trap, to get the statue to move, it should be connected to the mark on the wall in the Fields of Abandoment, once you solve the "riddle" there, the statue will move, and the boss of that level could be the girl herself... an avatar of pure evil, that you must defeat, in order to free the area of its oppression of evil, thus why its now a sanctuary... kinda back stepping, but would explain why it's now a sanctuary. I dunno.... just My two cents worth!.. -s-
  5. Hey there, I did explain to you on MSN that we had to wait till everyone posted back to this thread, everyone has done that and we got you as well.. YAY!... Now we wait for the bossman to see that we met all the requirements and then it's in his hands... So patience.... like I was told by someone.. it's a virtue, and in this game, one must have alot of it.. -chuckles- Each alliance can have the max of 5 people. So we will be able to bring 1 more in. Hope that answered all your questions hun -s- :. enslaved .:
  6. Hello there, We would like to form a new alliance within the game. Alliance name: Shattered Illusions We are as well accepting new members! Players: [in game names] enslaved Dolphin Legion Thanatos AmmonJerro == Alliance is full at this time.. Thank you all ! ==
  7. oOOoo.. - puts a vote in to make it a feature -... I like bonus's.. woots!! :. enslaved .:
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