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  1. hello newcomer!! i hope u like the game... and welcome to battle
  2. yea so u can heal up then try to get help since your a beginner cause i got help too when i was in that condition so all u need to do is ask for help and there u go ull get stronger by the advice and(if ur lucky enough) kills from them u might turn out to be lout like one of the big strong guys but im still in progress, though it takes a long time for me
  3. i know the answer it is: 1. find out the orb puzzle 2. it will do something to the cross with the circle(or u have to tough it to activate) 3. then the cross with the circle will open up the statue or something like that
  4. uhhhuuu... yea what ammonjerro said
  5. marco10176


    ok yes i got in!!!
  6. yea but wont it have some-sort of spell or something??
  7. Cool, but if its a trap wont her followers like those 'so happy people that dont seem people' will battle you and try to exhaust you before the boss battle?
  8. I think that to open the statue, u must first find out wat that circle with a cross is and it will (somehow) open the statue. Also i think that that her soul is in that dark carvern beneath the statue. Or that at the end of chapter 2... You feel free but then you feel a dark spiritial surg of anger and fear mixed up, so you just sit beside the tree and you calm your self down by relaxing. Then suddenly *BOOM* you hear in the gates of marind bell. You go to check it out and there all alone standing infront of stairs going down and the statues "gone how could it be???" you think to yourself bu
  9. Hi since you have 1 member left or something like that i would like to join Ingame name: Marco10176 oh and i vote for(if im in the alliance) shadow phoenix
  10. marco10176


    is this alliance filled if not i would like to join
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