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  1. im thinking it has something to do with fortunes well maybe the girl was pushed down the well and died and the statue is the entrance to finding her. maybe to open the statue u have to use the well or through a coin into it.
  2. im sry but atm we are full with a limit of 5
  3. ok added both nimithiel and venomeve i think we have enough to start the alliance with room for one more if anyone else is interested please post here and i will add ya first come first serve.
  4. still need at least one more person to start alliance can have a max of 5 please post if you are interested
  5. kk added ya to the list and thx btw on the name.
  6. i would like to form a alliance if i could please if anyone would like to join that would be great .. please post if you would like to be added thanx. ALLIANCE NAME- RESONANT SOULS MEMBERS_ Shakinrien Vakoo venomeve nimithiel mharune
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