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  1. do ya get ther through teh story?
  2. so leave these surveys that require a credit card to be. just pick the ones which requre only details of yourself and answers or something like this without credit card and you'll be fine. Btw, proxies don't work, it seems that they redirect me to tottaly different pages... I think I'm humped...
  3. Hanuka


    Sweet! :lol: :lol:
  4. waaaah I doubt that there ever be any offers for Israel there... I guess I'll try a proxy server (luckily I already have one installed). If anyone looks for good proxy server google "Vidalia Bundle". Pretty slow but alot powerful.
  5. Hanuka


    Strage thing happened a few days ago; usually all my 14 adepts are offline, but for some reason they all came back to be "online" (I REALLY doubt that they did). Anyhows, now I have 14 adepts that the system considers them as active adepts... Did many remove the "need to be active adept to count as an adept" feature from the game?
  6. Bump! Dropped all the way to the 7th page, lolz
  7. I reastarted my charecter and picked Darkness, Imagination and Entropy principels. I think that Darkness will give the basic form of the magic to the spell and Imagination and Entropy principals will give it pure brute force as they both stand for "raw power"(and more) imo...
  8. Whoa! Man... you surely do have your wits with ya
  9. lol thanks man xD And guys -- Please start thinking about more possible spells... this thread is getting killed bit-by-bit each day no one`s posting in it... so plz, turn on those boomboxes and start thinking
  10. Hm... Brutes' Madness: This spell will work only on the enemys Multi attacking creatures. Basically what it'll do is make the enemys multi attacker insane and result in the enemys multi attacker to have a chance to attack his own creatures. To make this spell more effective and balanced the ratio would be like 20% to hit own creatures and when it hits it does x2-x2.5 damege. The princeples used in this spell would be Imagination, Element and... entropy?? aww, btw; Time xD
  11. Hm... I think I might help.. although I would like to see an example research work so I can get the idea on how and what to do (that is if you still need researchers )
  12. Any chance for a meeting in Israel?? heh, jkjk
  13. Hanuka

    new alliance

    Sorry man, we are full untill they rase the cap, I suggest that you try joining to the other alliances that are around here... anways, good luck tony
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