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  1. Mefisto

    new alliance

    May God have mercy to us all! hahh
  2. Hahahahhh Omg, u really have no luck with this game :lol: :lol: well, I was killed too... but I had no idea that the game will finish if i make the wrong choice. I gotta kill him... man, that was soo.... mmmmm :P ... nice feeling. I think that when this game get finished, it will have a 13+ mark or something - not for kids or something (cos of brutality)
  3. As it says... just to say hello! great game. Mefistofelos
  4. Mefisto

    new alliance

    Well, if that is all we r waittin for than the alliance name can be The Frozen Abyss I`d really like to see how this alliance works, so can we now create one? :lol: :lol: Best regards
  5. Mefisto

    new alliance

    well, all of those names sounds cool just start the alliance already
  6. Hello to all of you behind this project. First of all, I`d like to say that this game IS different that other games (Ogame, runescape, tribalwars and other addictive games), and I`ll be here for a while, so don`t stop making it interesting and good looking like it is now:) Graphics r great and that was the first thing that attracted me to play it. second thing was the story which is reminding me on the game I used to play when I was a kid, name was SANITARIUM. the best click and point game ever if It`s up to me. The only problem I personally had was the story. It was so tasty that I had no
  7. Mefisto

    new alliance

    oke I`d like to join your aliance my ingame name is Mefistofelos and here is Mefisto should i give u some other info?
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