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  1. what he said.... wait what did he say?? dam now u got me forgetting things! :lol:
  2. its already been answered....like last month....
  3. i belive my honor is 35
  4. guys lets make a pact for this alaince: no mater how much honor no1 will kick any1 and the founder has say no mater what. sounds good? cuz if we get out of control the whole allaince will fall apart trust me ive played enough games to learn that.
  5. umm how long must we wait? lol
  6. well i belive u must fight some creature becuze all chapters in everygame everywere in everytime have ended with a death of some boss...or you. then once the girls spirit is at ease you are allowed down this passage to accomplish yet another goal that leads you further within the game. or maybe its just an item.
  7. cud i join? i mean im new and all but i play everyday during school and when not grounded play at night also. :lol:
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