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  1. I should state that I'm not a quester anymore. That being said I don't mind being a sponsor, if Iggy will have it. I have a max tree I'm happy to reward first place, and I can pass it via magic ctc so it won't incur any losses. Happy thinking.
  2. To be fair, I can make Heat Stones as well. And I farm my own memory stones so... They're all essentially free. I plan on being much more active for the perceivable future so, just find me and ask if you're ever in need.
  3. Sights are recommended for recurve/compound bows starting at 20+ feet from target Y beams as stabilizers are a must. Shifts gravity forward slightly Shock dampeners also shift weight (They aren't just flicky stress relief) Sights must be set to a Baseline (Distance, Weather, Wind Direction, Humidity,and Slope of Field) and adjusted accordingly as circumstances shift 90+Meters requires slightly heavier bows (and builds to match it) The art of Archery is as vast as the ocean. Any. Take your pick Arrows are commo
  4. I took an extra day just to make sure i could digest it all (sleep is key) So heres my final assessment. I do agree that making any moves is better than making none, so in all honesty im all for it. My Ego has bias of course, but letting go of that i can see potential for much more aid than harm. To be fair, even harm and collisions serve to teach their own lessons so, truly i dont see a downside. I believe that as long as people care enough about their alliances/guilds to stay active and protect them, then the system you speak of would enable an incentive for activity, and that would pav
  5. 1) I'd love to have a chance to revive the Fusioneers so, personally I'm all for this but I do have personal goals that would benefit from such an action, so the Ego is biased on the matter. 2) I'm all for this idea, I haven't read everything in whole but I read about half and I believe I understand. I support this "backdoor entry via woodcutting" (for example) if those already in the woodcutting guild have the option to veto. If their qualification is woodcutting at (let's say) 1000, then enough members to make 1000 woodcutting together would be enough to veto said backdoor, assumin
  6. How to explain what I'm currently experiencing... *Sighs* first of all, (re)introductions. For those who already know me, it's good to see you again in good health. For those who have yet to meet me, I look forward to the moment and the pleasure is all mine.

    Life, perspective, reality, meaning itself, are all subject to interpretation. So what does that make us? I left this realm for quite a while. I needed to find answers, not necessarily about the universe so much as myself.

    Ironically, in my search for ones Self, I found what makes us One. When the Veil is lifted, and we realize that this is all an Illusion, Life itself takes on new meaning. What is the difference between two current lives? About "X" from the central or Previous Point, all the way back to the very first Perspective.

    When everything is just as False as it is True, what are Morals? Ethics? Courtesy even? Why do we lose our grip on the 3rd dimension, rise to greater heights through both the Mind and the Heart, and yet still hold on to these... Theories?

    I've done a lot of soul searching in my days. In fact, I'd bet most that found their way to MD have done so themselves. It's sort of... One of the Roads that leads Here.

    I had to learn to let go of the Fear. I had to learn that Darkness, is just as loving as Light. I had to learn that I had to forget everything I thought I ever knew (save for a few sage teachings from someone just as Awake as I). I had to become engulfed in the Unknown, to find My Truth, My Perspective.

    Growth comes from Pain, because Comfort leads to Stagnance. If you were to forget me in time, then remember just these few Truths i gladly used my Time to teach you.

    There are no limits. Only the perception of them.

    There is no one Truth. In fact there are as many Truths as there are Lies.

    You are enough now, for your next step. You will always be enough.

    We all started as One. The very first Consciousness. The very first thought. The very first question. It was very simply;

    "Who Can I Become"

  7. Im 1,728 days old today, and im looking at a 447 AP max currently. The issue here wont be one for me, or people like me. Two points i feel i should make public come to mind. 1) Death is an extreme. In the Dead we only get a once a day, 24 hour regen timer, and we make do just fine. Honestly, this doesnt sound like an issue, just a shift in mechanics and a shift in mechs means a shift in perception if were to adapt and move forward. 2) There is potential for MP6&7 to take this hypothetical change to extremes. If we get massive regen timers and we have the knowledge & resou
  8. Also of note, my dear new and upcoming magic user, is that Stone Tablets can Store any level of any spell with 1 or more charges left. I won't ruin all the fun for you but I will say this. Stone Tablets can be made once Illusions are Lifted and you're welcome among the Leaves @Zetsuei (I'd help more myself, but only Miq and a few select others can reach the GG Lab that has the tools you'd need to further this goal, best of luck :3)
  9. Ahaha, my apologies Sy, maybe I didn't mean it, or maybe its just a subconscious BURNING HATRED FOR A PICKLE THIE- *coughs to the side as he starts heating up new tea* No of course I'm kidding, I apologise for my horrid memory, you're also an amazing teacher worth considering. As for the wookies claim to mp6 fame I'm in. I'll temporarily switch my Adepthood from Grido to himself, until further notice or testing reaches public results. *turns and whispers to Ailith* of course there will be more cowbell... silly question♡
  10. *Chuckles* If Chaos is your thing, im the right Bird. If youre an intellectual, seek Mallos or Azull.
  11. I will take 1 Anni creature 2019 for 15 plushies, and i hand over the other 65 to @Mallos to do with however he pleases.
  12. Awesome, congrats to ungod. Aia, feel free to either take the imp/joker/pimp to distribute later, or hand them to Ungod for winning since he usually rewards crits himself, either works for me. I liked the quest concept a lot, if we could taint creatures at will without limits it would be interesting indeed. Great job to all, enjoy your rewards.
  13. (My sincerest apologies to all who have bid thus far, life has been a tad hectic [moving out] but i promise you, all items and creatures will be sent out here super soon)
  14. The fix you mentioned earlier (unpin and refresh) worked wonderfully, thank you mur
  15. My screens been doing that same thing Mallos' does since the change, i was wondering if it was just me, since i use a Chromebook ( o-o)7
  16. I am basically his backpack, so i can say without a doubt that that Taint is fully untokened.
  17. I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but this bit here doesnt close, like ever, and ive tried clicking everything, is this a bug or am i missing something? :3
  18. No worries, im just glad to see MD going in a good direction. And just like redneck ill be around if im needed. Godspeed to you Mur, and to the Team.
  19. Id also like to help, though i severely lack any experience with these tools, im sure time and wiser souls can help keep me on the right path. Id like to offer my services with BSR as my Overseer.
  20. For references sake, and since my profile page only shows a small set amount of crits Heres the list of what i currently own thats Non Necro (and Ayas right, all maxed). Hollow / Colorless, 12th & 14th Anny Tree / Colorless, Shop Elu / Halloween LR Archer / Colorless, Shop Morph Drach / Murmas Shop, Shop Grasan / Colorless, Shop MB Archer / Colorless, Shop Aramor / Colorless, Shop Joker / Colorless, Shop Santa Toxico Winderwild Knator Daimon Elemental Id also like to sponsor 1 Joker, 1 Imp, and
  21. https://imgur.com/a/XAtKRgq This is what i see on my end (google chrome mobile on android) but aside from some things being improperly sized, i think it looks good ( o.o)7
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