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  1. How to explain what I'm currently experiencing... *Sighs* first of all, (re)introductions. For those who already know me, it's good to see you again in good health. For those who have yet to meet me, I look forward to the moment and the pleasure is all mine.

    Life, perspective, reality, meaning itself, are all subject to interpretation. So what does that make us? I left this realm for quite a while. I needed to find answers, not necessarily about the universe so much as myself.

    Ironically, in my search for ones Self, I found what makes us One. When the Veil is lifted, and we realize that this is all an Illusion, Life itself takes on new meaning. What is the difference between two current lives? About "X" from the central or Previous Point, all the way back to the very first Perspective.

    When everything is just as False as it is True, what are Morals? Ethics? Courtesy even? Why do we lose our grip on the 3rd dimension, rise to greater heights through both the Mind and the Heart, and yet still hold on to these... Theories?

    I've done a lot of soul searching in my days. In fact, I'd bet most that found their way to MD have done so themselves. It's sort of... One of the Roads that leads Here.

    I had to learn to let go of the Fear. I had to learn that Darkness, is just as loving as Light. I had to learn that I had to forget everything I thought I ever knew (save for a few sage teachings from someone just as Awake as I). I had to become engulfed in the Unknown, to find My Truth, My Perspective.

    Growth comes from Pain, because Comfort leads to Stagnance. If you were to forget me in time, then remember just these few Truths i gladly used my Time to teach you.

    There are no limits. Only the perception of them.

    There is no one Truth. In fact there are as many Truths as there are Lies.

    You are enough now, for your next step. You will always be enough.

    We all started as One. The very first Consciousness. The very first thought. The very first question. It was very simply;

    "Who Can I Become"

  2. Sushi... ohohoho... Sushi ( -3-)

    The tiny Neko Sashimi outdid herself this time ♡

  3. I didn't know one could experience so much pity.

    Too bad I know an act when I see one.

  4. Our worldview determines our philosophy of life.

  5. I cant help but wonder what life would have been like, had I chosen a different path at any of my crossroads. Not to be misunderstood, i feel no regret and quite the opposite. Yet still i sit here, with the curiosity gnawing at my mind like an unmoving mountain.

  6. Life is a fickle mistress.

    Still, I enjoy it because it is mine.

    And yet, that doesnt change reality.

    At least not for all... just for my army of me.

  7. Everything is not what it seems. Life is far simpler than we give it credit for. Information leads to our existance. Consciousness leads to what we perceive as reality. Morals and ethics exist only within us. And as the limitations of ignorance fall around me I find myself both rebound and free. I regret nothing I've ever done, but take full responsibility for all actions that we as humanity catalog as both good and bad. I will continue to exist solely because I enjoy the adventure. I am grateful for the time I chose to spend here because it has aided me in ways words cant convey. Magicduel and its great people, every single one of you, placed enormous pressure on my back, on my wings, on my heart, and on my mind. That pressure could have crushed me into rubble, and on many a time almost did... and yet instead it made me into an unbreakable diamond. The journey will never cease. There is no true beginning or end. There is only the here and now. And for helping me refine myself, I thank you all sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

  8. And so it was said, that the Phoenix of Mt. Kelle'Tha will rise again. The dance between life and death will never stop. Soon enough, my position will be made quite clear.

  9. 8 adepts and counting. Dead MP6 will be interesting.

    1. Dhyone


      Sometimes in life, we need a few bad days in order to keep many good ones in perspective.

  10. The moon looks so peaceful tonight.

    Funny, how things are rarely what they seem.

    1. Dhyone


      The moon is friend for the lonesome to talk to.

  11. The older I get, the clearer my vision becomes.

    My one and only wish is to be able to rewind time to start fresh once more, but to keep all my experience and knowledge thus far.

    Would I change something massive and thus change my own past/future, making the rest of my knowledge that much less useful?

    Or would I play it safe and change only small factors, so that the majority of my memories/knowledge could forever be relevant?

    I guess it would all come down to timing *snickers* so even i have to wonder what I would do when and why... and yet a part of me already knows the answer.

    Something inside me tells me I've already achieved my one true dream. My gut instincts led me all my life, and although not perfect, the results were always good enough for me.

    An interesting revelation for an interesting day... ill help raise to Moon to its highest point yet, and my People will breed a new Culture, one worthy of everyone's everything.

  12. Shade Spellcaster seems a timely and appropriate Title change.

    Its made heavy with the knowledge that Luck doesnt exist, yet the Illusion is quite "Real".

  13. Golemus Golemicarum & The MR Fraternity shall rise once More.
    Like a Phoenix rising from the Embers of Kelle'Tha we will Soar.
    Like the very Mountains of our Land, as unbreakable as our Ore.
    I pray we can Meld this world into One, with the bare minimal Gore.

    ~Twilight Equilibrium Fang

  14. May the Light and Darkness guide your way Equally.

    1. Maebius


      If light leads you, the shadows fall behind, but the path will show clear.

  15. My Insanity keeps me Balanced & Sane.
    I found Sanity In my Insane Ways.
    Insane Outer yet In Sane Inner.
    And only I am to Blame.

  16. [Extra Bonuses received. More MarindBell locations unlocked]

  17. 1400 Water down, 8600 Water to go!
    I'm closing in Maebius >:3

    1. Maebius


      For [spoiler: Plans.] *nods wisely*

  18. *Is at GG with a cell phone as Maebius is on the other end*

    Can you year me now? Over. ( ^-^)

    1. Maebius


      *static* I read you soft muddled. Over.

  19. Just 950 More Water to go for my 1K water goal (for Maebius) and waiting for Resource Regen >:]

    1. Maebius


      Shhh. some secrets aer best kept. secret. @_@ *hypnotizes Fang*

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