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  1. Indeed! This is as much control as it is chaos, that's what makes it fun :3
  2. Editors note; after some clarification we have had to move some stuff around so it works for everyone. If it's acceptable for everyone else, we would like to harvest the flowers on the 14th of april, and conduct the resurrection on the 15th of april. If you have any feedback on this please let us know.
  3. *Fang quietly scribbles as he thinks out loud to himself* "I'd say great grief has befallen the lands, buy I think we all know by now, pain is simply self growth in disguise. Due Time has made me hardened and empty. I find I write these words with no emotions left inside my heart... Void, I believe my Old Man used to call it..." *Fang continued to silently scribble on the paper for a while with one calculated talon. He had become used to writing with an ink dipped claw by now, something he wasn't quite sure he was ready to admit* "There we go. Time to pla
  4. When you have 3 wiiya and 5 resource making Grasan, the first of 3 of 5 make resources, which is understandable. What seems off to me is that if you do not pick up those resources and instead go get another 2 wiiya, the first 2 of the 5 Grasan will just make more of their own resource, instead of it going to the 2 that had none. I believe this is a bug and I wasn't sure if it was on the forum, so I posted it to get confirmation & maybe an explanation. Thanks either way.
  5. Use dekstop mode on your mobile web browser. Should fix the size issues. Zoom in and out as required.
  6. I doubt this needs to be said, and for the record I agree with everything Laz has just said, but it should also be noted that on mobile (desktop view) it's actually easier just to click on the names to open the creature details (at least, that's how I always do it)
  7. If this is an elaborate troll, I'm sorry to be the killjoy. Rather sure that's an april fool's recurring event. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. I'd love to be of any use in this field if im accepted. Consider my submission submitted.
  9. A beautiful look into perspective. It gets a thumbs up from me.
  10. Ah yes, I should clarify my 6G1S bid was to outbid Ledahs 6G bid. So just the one.
  11. As Fang awoke abruptly in the middle of the Drachorn Cave, he couldn't help but wonder what had stirred him from such a deep sleep. In fact, he couldn't remember how he'd gotten to the Drach Lair to begin with... He makes a mental note to stop smoking so much Nightshade... As he rolls up another NightCig and lights it with some Phoenix Fire. Fang takes some time to look about, always careful to examine his surroundings for any subtle shift... Waiting to see if his first wife Rose might appear, his constant and unfailing reminder whenever he's sleeping, that he is indeed currently dreaming
  12. To be fair, things like Memory Stones have been scattered throughout the realms pretty evenly. I honestly only see this update as placing everything else on par more or less with Memory Stones. It isn't too bad. I strongly suggest using only a mobile web browser with Desktop View on (as the normal mobile view is a bit... Squished) and optimizing from there.
  13. I believe ungod simply means it's too inconvenient to travel that much that regularly. I kindly disagree but, I'm also always on mobile (desktop view) and it's significantly faster and more stable than the pc version (in my humble opinion).
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