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  1. Whoah, whoah, whoah! WHOAH! People, especially Granos and Pamplemousse... Who has my permission to do what? Look, maybe my prolonged absence didn`t hint enough my true intention. I AM DEAD! I`d rather be dead and gone when it comes to every bit of lore there is but that can`t be... yet. Maybe sometime soon that will be `fixed` but until then, please people, try to understand: - I am dead, let me get my eternal rest. - Not now, or ever in any proximity of the future shall I give my permissions to speak my personal story or any stories I have ever told. - Perhaps you need to read this
  2. Yes, Fenix Noir is Ady. Well, most of the time... Sometimes I go wild and entitle myself Dante... See you soon!
  3. I have awaken from the slumber of College and will very soon start posting all types of legends here. Don't worry, you'll have what to read... Soon...
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