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  1. Holy Choices Batman! Hard to choose. Very hard. Although, I think Uga hit on a choice that was missing up there, that should have been up there - Principles! It would have gotten my vote. I'm not sure we need more areas opened up just yet, things are kinda sparse right now. -p
  2. My Exploring points have been stuck at 9/10 ever since the Scouts were released. I *think* that we gain bonus Exploring Points through combat, but not every combat awards them - not sure what the critiera is or if it is just a random reward. -p
  3. (Sorry about all the posts, but in case you've read an existing one, I don't want new questions missed.) What about Sanctuary locations during War? Will Sanctuary remain in place during war? What about the capitals and shops? -p
  4. Also, the 30 AP for accessing Loreroot - shouldn't all areas cost the same to enter and leave, via No Man's Land? Or for members of Alliances that are aligned with a region, don't have any (or an AP cost of 1) to enter and exit their own land? Perhaps have it so that non-allied players it costs 20 and enemy alliance it costs more to enter an enemy land?? -p
  5. Will all four nations be at War at the same time, or will it be one-on-one between just two nations? What about un-allied people? There needs to be restrictions on that as well, as I could forsee people using un-allied people for "healing" fights and then go off and attack an enemy. Or use non-allied people to sap Vit from an enemy and then strike them. You might need to make it so that non-allied people can't attack allied people and vise-versa during War times. If the restriction is going to be 24 minutes per attack on a person and the total time of "War", is going to be 4 hours, 240 m
  6. Silverym, it isn't as bad as it sounds. It is currently very hard to start out, but if you think a little bit about it, you can devise strategies to overcome the disadvantages. Vital Energy, Action Points, Value Points and Exploring Points, are required to purchase new creatures. All of those values regen every 15 minutes. You can purchase as many creatures as you like (although the more you have, the longer it takes to load up the creature page ) You can set aside a few creatures 6-12 that you wish to level up, the rest, you can basically set aside for fodder. Put the fodder creatures
  7. Can't find Lore Root on the map, but I get the idea. I suppose you already have plans for Sage's Keep, otherwise, it sounds like this would be the place for it! Quick question though - will players that belong to Alliances of foreign lands, be able to access the lands in Marind Bell freely? If not, maybe just put a tower in No Man's Land that accesses it. -p
  8. What area of the current map connects to this new area? -p
  9. By Shades, are you refearing to the creatures we faught in Fields of Abandonment and House of Liquid Dust or are these new creatures we haven't seen yet? By Noble, do you mean Honerable? -p
  10. Howdy All! Can't wait till I'm caught up on this story, waiting 24 hours between pages is killing me! -p
  11. Some more questions if you've got the time What happens if you end up being the only person in an Alliance? Can you kick yourself? Can you leave an alliance if you are the last person? What happens to the alliance then? Will Alliances have any allegences? Like will they be allied to a given land (Golemus Golemicarum, Necrovion, Marind Bell, Loreroot, No Man's Land??) ? Or some other type of Faction or something? Will alliances be able to form formal diplomatic relations with other alliances? Will they get positive honor for attack enemy alliances and negative honor for attacking membe
  12. If the restriction of 5 members per alliance is still in place, there's going to be a lot of alliances running about, as all of them are going to fill up fast. So, is there any estabilished alliances out there that have any room? Is the player with the highest Honor score rules the Alliance still in affect? As I understand it, if when you are invited by the leader, he has lower Honor than you, your Honor will be lowered to his - correct? What happens if I then fight a battle and go ahead of the leader in Honor, am I now the leader? What kind of interface to the Alliance does the leader ge
  13. I think what Hanuka is saying, is that the story progresses wether you do something or not. Which, except for the tutorial, when you have to kill off the Liquid Dust creatures, is pretty much true. All you have to do is wait and the next page of the story is available. There is no "quest" related triggers; you don't have to search and discover some clue lying about, kill anything else, talk to any other NPC to get more information, just wait the period you choose and the next page is available. For example; if we could visit the Carnaval in game, perhaps talk to some of the people there, g
  14. I just delt with the clown and the mallet, now waiting for the next page. I think the options of waiting are kinda nice, I just wish that there was more "story" per "page" or that a new area or two opened up with each page. The Prolog/Tutorial part of the story was nice. It seemed to tie in the world and you and gave you some background as to what was going on. Starting with Chapter 1 though, I am not sure. It all depends on where it is going. It'd be nice if each page of the story introduced you to new aspects of the game and opened up new areas to explore. I don't like the tie in of
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