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  1. Eden

    Hi Big....pleae come back to the game....we need you.....

  2. Hate to break it to ya bunny but London isn't a country welcome to the game Alisiana btw, hope u have lots of fun here, i sure do
  3. Glad u like it, great to have u on board Oh and Happy Birthday by the way, Not sure if it is yet in ur timezone but it is in mine
  4. I saw your profile page, w00t I'm finally stronger :P Although, it does kinda suck :( I might not get another chance to fight it again

  5. Happy Birthday :) Keep up the fantastic artwork

  6. Welcome to the game, glad to have u on board
  7. You forgot your pills biggie, your delusions are working up again. And you need to stop with the kitten thing, I heard from a secret source that santa and the leprechaun king will come in the night and take some of your innocence if you don't stop now...

  8. See the kitten standing tall, see the bunny in his paw, he slaps him left he slaps him right, see the bunny cringe in fright, the kitten army marches forward, metal bunny runs like a coward :)))

  9. BigC stands for Ginormous AssCrack

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