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  1. Count me in too folks, PM me to exchange addresses
  2. I know this might scare a lot of people but you did ask!!
  3. I will once I trim it up a bit, i'm a lazy man when it comes to shaving at the best of times
  4. Imprisoned on your birthday, some guys have all the luck
  5. You know whats really unfair? I am actually doing this in real life for the month of Mo-vember, but I only came back to MD like a week ago and missed the start. I am growing an awesome handle-bar 'tache too!!
  6. Well... having had some adventures in RL i am seriously considering returning to this great game! It's going to be tough having to start from scratch and seeing Woody controlled by another player but i think i can manage to regain at least some of my heady heights of old. I also want to want to thank those that left me messages when i left they really meant a lot to me... and to Mur if u read this, sorry for buggering up the role u gave me but at the time i really couldn't handle it!!
  7. Well since i guess i caused this debate i guess i'd better stick my 2 cents into it Personally i have no problem with my previous character being used in any way that Mur see's fit. He granted me the role to play and can use it in any way that he wants after i am gone. i reset the accounts so that no one would get the exact skills and creatures i had built up after all my time playing the game. I did this being fully aware that Mur can change the skill levels of characters and could restore Wodin to whatever power level he felt that Wodin needed to fulfill his role. I actually like his idea
  8. Eden

    Hi Big....pleae come back to the game....we need you.....

  9. I just wanna take this chance to wish Akasha a very happy birthday We all know that behind every great man there is a great woman and i just want to say thank u for all the effort u have put in to making the game what it is
  10. Hate to break it to ya bunny but London isn't a country welcome to the game Alisiana btw, hope u have lots of fun here, i sure do
  11. Could u put spoiler tags on the above section please
  12. Well I can explain the second one... Mur was testing out a number of spells, and u just happened to be on the receiving end of them by virtue of the fact that u were in that particular location.
  13. Well u actually kinda answered ur own problem in that post.... It was ur 33 heads that did it i'm afraid, a sanctuary is no longer a sanctuary if u have that many heads
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