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  1. Thanks for the really fun quest. :) I'll pick weather snow.
  2. You can also use the arrow keys to pan right and quickly view it. Lots of workarounds. :)
  3. Applied to Necrovion. All votes, whether for, against, or abstains, are appreciated. Will continue to be available to talk at the Howling Gates.   Edit: Voting is now open.
  4. Done stained glass. Now I just need to do other events/quests and /then/ do my homework...tomorrow.

  5. Ackshan Bemunah, AmberRune, Ary Endleg, Assira, Azkhael, Eara Meraia, Eon, Sir Blut, Syrian   Angel of Death: http://imgur.com/yWFiR44   Don't ask? It started out as a lantern, I swear! In case anyone's wondering, Eon's spear/sword thing was used to extend the balloon string.
  6. Still finishing up my stained glass avatar. It's taken a rather morbid turn. I didn't try to make it morbid at first, I swear!

  7. I'm participating! :) Should probably be done by tonight.
  8. Aged some is required. I'm only looking for one now since I bought an aged one already. (I can get a fresh one myself).    I have:   Gold coin (1) Silver coin (78) 9 Memory stone 3 Sawdust 519 Branches 115 Flowers 264 Aromatic herbs 31 Cup of Cold Tea 78 Unidentified plants 2 Water 2 Sticky Goop 385 Tea leaves 5 Timeless dust Bushies (4) 50 Rainwater 3 Fenths 20 Wiiya Weaken stone Locate stone (12) Movelock stone Otherarmy stone (2) Heat stone (21) Invisibility stone Prot Freeze stone Prot Attack stone (2) Prot Defence stone Prot Heal stone Prot Mo
  9. My last remaining doubt about wanting to join Necrovion has been removed.

    1. dst


      They bribed you beyond doubt? :D

    2. Change


      The other lands bribed me with alliances. Necrovion bribed me with nothing. :)

  10. Change is looking to apply to become an official citizen of Necrovion.   She wishes to join Necrovion to be among those who are dealing with the subconscious and other 'dark' topics as she has done through her art and ideas. Among other things she is very patient, creative, and forgiving of some people's natures. However, she can be quite stubborn. She also dislikes when ideas go unchallenged as that creates a dull world. Change is usually willing to talk if one asks.   http://magicduel.com/players/Change
  11. Well, it is nice to spread things out more for people who just can't make things. :) Sounds neat, anyways.
  12. Offering something life is just making life. It's not a sacrifice, at least, not as directly. You're still taking responsibility for its life, just like you'd take responsibility for the sacrificed's death. But other than that, one more soul, one less soul? Doesn't make a difference really, given that there might have been one more or less soul created naturally anyways. The number of souls is arbitrary.
  13. At howling gates. Also, getting briskness boosts, so I don't need to get rid of them instantly anymore. All those who can get the remains normally are welcome to them. If you lie about your age, then that's your fault and people might not like you because of that. I'm not going to bother trying to check every Mp3 and Mp4s active days.
  14. Oh wow. This one shop item/feature is amazing. Never noticed it untill now, but it changes everything. Can't tell what it is of course, but I got it.

  15. 11 knators 4 barren souls 4 water beings 8 remains 1 grasan   Act quickly, since I'm going to free up space for creatures to sacrifice for heat soon. Was going to sacrifice them anyways, but if someone wants a couple, they can have them and I'll soon sacrifice the rest.   Edit: Will sacrifice them once I get out of Necrovion and my APs are almost regenned.
  16. I've been reading the Necrovion Historical Documents. Yes, you'd think I would have read them earlier, but nevermind that. When I read A Sacrifice I had chills resonating in my bones for a day...until I realized something. I got them back when I realized something else though.   The significance of destroying something's consciousness/soul, depends on the significance of a life. However, new souls are not very significant. If Wane, the virgin soul, was destroyed, then so what? If there's a limited amount of souls ever to be made, then what does it matter if there's now 954 instead
  17. @Dark Demon Yes, but you basically had to decide brothers/whatnot almost instantly. I don't know how the Granos thing proves that wrong.
  18. I know it would be a new rp. It's just that before, I didn't read or know of much of the story. That was entirely my fault. Now, unlike before, it's impossible to be born in a place other than no man's land, sadly. No more Peaces are possible. I don't get why someone can't be born in marind bell or necrovion. The only reason is the newbie story which is outdated. But that's how it is. It's impossible to roleplay a character born in a land unless you said that they got kicked out or left temporarily, but that's another discussion. I'd roleplay my character in the now, but I'd know what that n
  19. See, I've been in multiple roleplay chatrooms before. I'm used to that. While sometimes in the chatrooms we acted out of character, sometimes we roleplayed significant events, or even minor events. I'd like to do this with magicduel. I'm trying to find my role, but one of my desired roles would require Change to do a seemingly complete 360, and that's just bad roleplaying. I'd need to roleplay lengthily about why she did that 360. Easier, I think, to simplify Change as you said, write her backstory based on real events she's done in magicduel, and go from there.   But playing Change now
  20. Yes, and I get that, but no, Change is not a character I've created. Change has no backstory except my entire life and how it translates into MD. I've recently found out that there's at least one other person like me , but does that stop me from wanting to make another character? No. When did Peace decide that she was the daughter of Khalazdad? Before she started playing? Soon after? Long after? I'd have to ask Peace.   For me to have a backstory for Change that's other than my life, I'd have to pretend that she had a history that caused her to make the exact same choices that I'd make.
  21. I do really appreciate all of the comments, and instead of saying all of the things that helped a tiny bit, I'll talk about the advice I just don't get.   @Menhir Thanks for that, but while you and your character may have changed drastically, were the two the same? The main reason why I'm tired of playing me is I'm tired of feeling insulted when my character is, I'm tired of feeling inadequate when my character feels inadequate, I'm tired of feeling lost when my character feels lost. Others have smartly made the choice to create a character that they can look up to, look down to, or eve
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