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  1. Apparently, I'm doing MD wrong. Someone tell me how to do it right?

  2. Can definitely fight for third place! Also, 3x isn't too high if I get lazy. But yeah, maybe make it based on AD than previous viscosity next time. (I have almost 700 AD which definitely doesn't make me a complete newb)
  3. http://magicduel.com/players/Change&override=true I'd like to participate as well.
  4. Updated profile. I don't even care anymore. PM me if you'd be interested in adding me on skype.

  5. The most change happens in MD when Change is inactive.   On that note, I will now be going on a 10 year haitus. :P (I kid).
  6. Change

    Funny MD Quotes

    I'm guessing some are from his YIM as well and maybe also from MD. I was just referring to him quoting me with "quoting skype conversations?".   While apparently AmberRune gave permission, I did not. I only let it slide because it was a harmless quote which I made in jest, given the authors of most of the new content posts. Also, I didn't mean that all of the new posts were bad (some were justified. I won't say which). I simply meant that it made more new content which I have to read as a mod. :P Not that I care much. This forum produces a teeny bit of content compared to more populated
  7. right path   i like you a lot you make sense too to me. two me three me, four me, five me me me them we don't like them i don't like them who don't like five me, four me, three me, two me, one me me me me us them? who's right?
  8. Change

    Funny MD Quotes

        Quoting skype conversations? Rude. :) For clarification, that's "no thanks to Rophs, dst, and DD" (I was skyping Rophs). It could be interpreted as no thanks to only dst and DD.
  9. Boo. :P I was wondering if it literally was just 20 cartography skill too (I have lots of credits). I figured that the finding in "First one finding 20 (cartography 20), except people that have/had access to the A25 admin, contact me for a nice reward." meant that this wasn't a valid strategy, with (cartography 20) used to show that you'd (obviously) have cartography 20 after finding them.   Anyways, I was several hours late in starting, so I didn't even have a chance. :) Congrats, dst! I'm certainly liking all of these changes (even though the obelisks look kind of weird in some locati
  10. There's many things I'd like to be And many things that are not me           Let's play pretend           Come on, my friend A cat, a mouse, a tree, a bird           So many things           Some quite absurd But is a bird not like a tree? Are many things so not like me?           If we're the same           Let's play a game   If we each have a little fire That dictates what our hearts desire          
  11. So, is someone in one of these positions essentially an archivist+beta tester+developer lite for their particular area or--? Jeez.   If so, I'd advise anyone applying for this that that's a ton of work if done properly. (I'm sure some of you know this but it doesn't hurt repeating). Now, the amount of work does scale with the amount of development, however, but still.
  12. Pretty accurate this time (I've taken this test quite a few times a year ago--but I took it the right way this time I think). I stopped myself from thinking of it as a favourite colour test (to put it simply) and took it as a test of which colours do I find the most relaxing. I don't think I have strict standards, but I guess I do in some things. Not how some would think of strict at all though. I definitely do need reassurances from others, and the stress stuff is very true (it's true for everyone likely, but my results nicely sum up my life). I also do like over-indulging, though I'm quite g
  13. Only around ten more days until I'm done school until the new year. Woooo.

  14. Roleplaying. I like roleplaying everyday life as Change. Only roleplaying about serious stuff isn't fun to me.
  15. Activity: Usually glance at the forums at least once a day. I'm sure most realize that people have roles outside of MD, but I'll list mine anyways.   Roles in MD: Moderator Roles outside of MD (in order of work demanded): Student Playtester (of another game) Newbie helper (same game--it's basically a LHO) I can only realistically fulfill four mandatory roles at once. Once summer comes around, I'll hopefully have graduated and freed up a role, but until then, I'm booked.
  16. Final research essays due in the next couple of weeks. Might be a tad busy.

  17. Applying to Necrovion again. All conscious votes, or non-votes, no matter which way, are appreciated.

  18. A thought experiment: If Marind Bell makes death impossible, don't remove traces of player names when they log out, among other things.

  19. I haven't started roleplaying yet. Change is acting how I'd act in the world of MD.

    1. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      I wonder how it feels out here to pretend to be another person? Have heard of people with this skill, I don't.

    2. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      You have dual personality? That's interesting. Do you really think that your actions depends on your "choosen" persona? That's a bit naive assumption.

    3. Change


      I don't have a dual personality but I act differently according to the situation that I'm in, and MD is a different situation than 'reality'.

  20. I guess I'll finally comment on this. Dark Demon, I can understand the need to make a post explaining some things so that you don't have to say the same things over and over to everyone. That's fine. I did that for my citizenship application to Necrovion, the Coloured Paper, and so on. However, talking is just a first optional step towards achieving something. The people who get things do things consistently over time get recognition for it. A relatively recent example is Rophs getting the title of Seedwalker after running countless seedwalks. However, does Rophs need the title to be a see
  21. You can pick things like the altar, or even an obvious scene 'object' like a tree. I just want people to pick things that could potentially make objects or be used as objects in MD rather than abstract concepts. 'Heat' technically could also be fine, since it can be collected in a sense. But I don't want something like respect, that you can't objectively count. Or honour, even though you can count it. (Sorry for being so late in responding. My brain wasn't working over the last couple of days.)
  22. I'm sick. "Sickness causes change!" I don't care.

    1. Rophs


      Soup, juice, and sleep will chase away the sickies!

    2. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      When I'm sick, I always drink Coca Cola. Trust me it works.... Unless you are one of those drug abusers who consume it everyday.

    3. Rophs


      Some doctors in hospitals specifically ask for Coca Cola instead of generic brand cola because of that Ary :P

  23. There's definitely no time limit. The quest isn't intended to force people to rush it. I removed the first three submissions getting more rewards because I realized that that might put pressure on some people to rush it. Now everyone gets 15 silver (or 1 gold) and a spellstone. :) (until I run out, then there might be different rewards). In fact, while doing it all in one day might be an interesting task, doing it over a much longer period of time will hopefully cause you to think more about how things can be used in different ways in your day to day life, which is the goal of this rather big
  24. This quest is simple, and it will never end. Really, it's more me rewarding people for a common, but useful exercise. I did not invent this exercise.   What your task is to do is to pick an object in MD--it must be a thing, not a concept, and write 1000 uses for that object.   Any submissions will get at least a spellstone (until I run out of spellstones that I'd be willing to give) and 15 silver/1 gold (until I run out of those). Sponsors are definitely appreciated.   Post below if you're up for the challenge, and then link to your submission when you're done. You can go as muc
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