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  1. Items that I want: items useful for a travelling artist (art items, craft items, food items, practical items, etc.)   Willing to potentially sell or trade the following items, in the rough order of what I'd be most willing to trade to what I'd least be willing to trade. The order is not exact. Some items I've divided. For example, I have 7 barrels. I'm willing to trade 6 of them, but a lot less willing to trade my last one.   Common RP items:   Boomerang Decorated skull Sloop goop Blue hair ribbon Grey pencil (3) Fungal mass Freckles Spider web Folded Paper S
  2. Teeth 3 sc. Pink tinted glass 3sc
  3. Change


    I had Change before I joined MD. Why a dictionary name? I tend to want to change names that I've created. If I haven't created them, that urge lessens. As for the name itself, I originally chose Change because I felt I was highly indecisive, that I had no personality. Recently, however, I've realized that's not the case. I just felt I had no personality because I didn't care about most things. This came across to me as changing myself to fitting other people's needs but this is not true. If you find a subject that I do care about, I will greatly care about it. But for other things, I could
  4. True, though I'm not spending a ticket on an achievement. :)   Achievement: 'Wealthy Patron' Possible Descriptions:   Show off your wealth by spending over 400 credits. Make use of your financial contributions by spending more than 400 credits. Reap the benefits of your generosity and spend the 400+ credits that you've accumulated.   I'm not sure of the second one since that implies that those who vote are excluded. (Getting 400 credits by voting would be an impressive feat).
  5. Some people love the idea of collecting pretty creatures (I do, but not if they're too expensive so I'll likely purchase roleplay items if available). Personally, I would have preferred that tokens were made non-functional and merely 'pretty'. I actually would have bought them more if they were non-functional. Now, I'd rather not buy them. That's a personal preference however.   Some people don't even do combat and like collecting special creatures.
  6. Buying the embroidered handkerchief and the creepy doll.
  7. No wishpoints. As for tags, I'd say limit them to financial titles. Also, in general, make things cheaper but in limited quantity. For example, 1 role tag for 1 ticket with a maximum of 1 tag per player. This restricts the number of said items/creatures in the realm while allowing the most number of people to buy such items/creatures.   What I'd be really interested in is 'custom', non-functional, roleplay items. Now, to prevent them from being too close to custom wishpoint items, I'd say do it like this:   Allow the user to select an item out of all roleplay shop items. All
  8. I've got that exact tablet, though I bought the one with manga software included. Maybe check if yours comes with the software as shown on the wacom site. It's a great tablet, though the functional surface of it is only around 6x4 inches so if you draw from the elbow that can be restricting. Larger ones are twice as expensive though. Check out the site if you haven't already. A big plus is the drivers will be the most compatible with all programs. Happy shopping! :)
  9. Change

    RP items

    What's the exact description of the quill? Depending on what it is, I'll offer 10 silver for it.
  10. Change

    RP items

    Would be quite interested in your quill, some coarse bone dust, a turtleshell comb, and an umbrella. Willing to pay one gold for all of them, or three silver for each.
  11. The first step has been taken. The time until the next matters little.

  12. Applying for Necrovion citizenship. Some of Change's drawings will be able to be seen "soon".

  13. The roundabout way of giving items to your alts shouldn't be allowed. As for how to stop it, the most cost-effective way would be to keep an eye out occasionally, and if someone is caught have them banned/heavily punished. If people wish to abuse the system while knowing they risk getting banned, even if the risk is relatively small, then there's not much that can easily be done to stop them. If they do get banned though, they don't have any right to complain.   The punishments for such stuff need to outweigh the profits of such activities. As for spending tons of time trying to catch a
  14. Some programmers: "We'll get rid of a necessary feature, save 5 lines of code, and then make people get a 1,000 line extension to use said common feature." Honestly, it's like some programmers don't use the software that they write...

    1. Chewett


      As I said above, that code to count occurances only likely runs when its making the changes and therefore has no additional overhead to do the counting. Whereas doing the count in the find menu will add overhead, and the two types of counting are mutually exclusive and will not be a case of copying some code, you will need to change it since the replacing will use some form of regex which you dont do when just finding. So its very different types of count.

      I understand your frustra...

    2. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      and..... cut!

      Seems like we need more characters for status comments :p

    3. Azthor


      Our wordiness is being oppressed!

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  15. So much dust in my room.

  16. Hah. It'll be ten years of practice before I'm able to produce such drawings. (I'm at year one now. ;))   Definitely looking forward to avatar submissions and other artwork as well.
  17. The thing is, rare items, and wishpoint items, are not necessarily 'personal'. I got a personally requested rare item on New Years. However, that item does not say 'Change' on it (except for in relation to its function), and if I gave it to someone else, they could use it (it's a voucher). Likewise it's the same thing with wishpoint items.   The debate between having a 'rare' category and being able to define your own categories (thus making 'rare' a meaningless category) might have been an interesting one before now.   However, if MD wants to appeal to a slightly more mainstream
  18. Change is finally settling down.

    1. Dragual


      Change must never stop. That is the one true constant in this world.

  19. Pet rock 16 silver. Fungal mass 3 sc
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