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  1. dst, that's why I said that I'm willing to sell OR trade items. If I only wanted to sell items I'd call it 'selling roleplay items'. By trade I mainly meant trade roleplay items for roleplay items, because roleplay items are high up on my wants list. When I say 'reluctant to trade', this doesn't mean that I'm not willing to trade these items for a good trade of roleplay item for roleplay item. But I am reluctant to sell them for silver, and for more generic things like resources. Lots of people have water, for example. Some lend it for free. It'd be neat to have, but personally it's not wor
  2. What is 'Unaffiliated?' Non-religious or--?
  3. What water do you mean? Your 28 mineral water, nadrolski? If so, no thank you.   Added the 'items useful for a travelling artist' to 'items that I'm reluctant to trade'. Essentially, items that I'm reluctant to trade and items that I want are usually the same. A messenger bag would be very useful for a travelling artist, for example.   Hmm, to be clear, I will not trade the things that I'm reluctant to trade unless given an exceptionally good offer, or offered other items that I want. On the other hand, for items that I don't care about, I might trade them away cheaply.&#
  4. The title is intentionally trading/selling items for a reason. Some items I'd be quite happy to sell, others I would trade for other items that I value more. For example, despite loving tomatoes, I'd trade a tomato and possibly more for a book on human anatomy. I already said in the original post that I'd be reluctant to sell food items. Thus me refusing the standard price of 3 silver shouldn't really be surprising? Sorry if the post wasn't clear enough. And dst, I might be interested in water if you have some.
  5. Hmm, dst, what about these? I don't value spell-stones enough to trade the other things.   Blue hair ribbon Decorated skull Snow in a Jar (maybe) Jar of fly wings (maybe)   phantasm:   Possibly willing to sell the decorated skull. It depends on what dst offers for the above. Nimrodel: I paid too much for my pet rock for 3 sc to be worth it. Plus, I rather like it. Salted anchovies are a no. (Change eats fish and it goes well with her 6 fish skeletons). Huge tomato is a maybe. Pomegranate seeds are a definite no, until I get more than one (see JadenDew and Change's pomegranate
  6. Added tons of new items to the original post. Now willing to trade off items that I likely won't use, or trade off items for something I'd use more.
  7. Lania gets the untokened sharpie and BP if she wants for the 1 gold/15 silver that she offered. Valoryn gets ID 696617 for 10 silver, and powle gets 757483 for 7.   Note: Any further bids on the creatures in this post will be ignored unless the 'winners' retract their offers. There's still two sharpies left without good enough offers, however.   Edit: All creatures have good enough offers now. Will close after they're sold.
  8. Selling the below for a price that I deem 'good' enough--this may be cheaper or more expensive than whatever the going price is. I highly prefer gold and silver. Sharptears: ID: 649638 Age: 1087 Heat: 996720 Tokens: onyxfangs, blacktear, blackdiamonds ID: 696617 Age: 1323 Heat: 502251 Tokens: emeraldglare, claw1, osirisbelt, jewelshards, darkshield, sunshine, goldbelt ID: 757283 Age: 1044 Heat: 1077337 Tokens: claw1, blackdiamonds ID:779290 Age: 993 Heat: 283687 Tokens: claw1, kellethafire, purpurmoon, onyxfangs, stardust ID: 828432 Age: 156 Heat: 45743 Tokens: None BloodPact: ID: 8179
  9. (Been distracted with Europe, but plants still need watering!)   Day 147 Year 10 [spoiler]: Change walks over to her plot and pokes at the earth Change: *frowns* Kinda dry. Good thing it rains occassionally...hmm... : [Spell] Rain rain rain! Change: *winces* Will have to hide now. Sketchbooks don't like water...but this should do. : Change tucks her sketchbook under her cloak and runs off towards shelter[/spoiler]
  10. Still settling into Europe, so I won't be on much.

  11.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schr%C3%B6dinger%27s_cat
  12.   The 'solidifier' is likely the Howling Gates. As to why I think this, that is more complex...   What is Necrovion made of, Dark Demon? What elements reside in it? You know that liquid dust resides in it. Assuming that liquid dust is potential, then the potential could be 'solidified' into reality by the Howling Gates. Why the Howling Gates specifically? Because it's the only thing that was meant to let stuff through Necrovion. The house of liquid dust was an incredibly dangerous accident... Also, take a look at the physical appearance of the Howling Gates to realize what 'flavou
  13. Liquid dust, from what I believe, doesn't 'run' into Necrovion (at least not naturally). Rather, the Howling Gates serves as a human-based 'filter'--and possibly also a mirror, though the mirror is likely bigger than the gates... The 'mirror' is more metaphorical than literal. It is the 'balance' talked about in the adventure log. As heat is created by actions, liquid dust, which is related in some way to potential, is also created. This is more of a philosophical concept than anything, imo.   Here's the example I gave in the chat:   If you have a car, and choose not to take the
  14. Happy birthday--glad it turned out to be a good one. :)
  15. Just also saying that this was great! In all the time that I've been on MD, I've never gotten the chance to participate in a RP event like this before. So thank you so much to both whoever organized this, and to the players who worked to revive my dead self.   While getting real items and consequences for roleplayed actions is nice, it's not necessary, and it's definitely possible for us players to organize such events on our own too. I'll definitely be thinking more about stories that I could come up with in the future. ;)
  16. Day 116 Year 10 [spoiler]Howling Gates : Dragual Monarth passed Water to Change Change: Thank you. *smiles* Change: Though that removes my excuse... : Dragual Monarth smiles and nods again Dragual Monarth: *chuckles* Yes, it does. Change: Hmm... *stands up and yawns* Change: Guess I should water our plot. Want to come? It's in the garden. Dragual Monarth: What do you need it for? Dragual Monarth: Sure. Dragual Monarth: Which one is ours? Change: Pomegranates. *points towards the community garden and walks off* Change: You'll see : Dragual Monarth nods and follows her Meeting of the Roads D
  17. Ugh, sorry. I don't have any excuses. I was planning on doing the other art quests, but those fell by the wayside too. Not sure if I just didn't notice this or forgot about it. Also have had a cold for...far too long (I should get that checked out) but that's just an excuse.   It's likely not that it was way too hard, it's that many people, myself especially, have a severe lack of confidence when it comes to any art skills that they might have. Plus people forgetting about it.   Definitely a quest worth running again sometime though?
  18. Always looking for paper supplies in MD, preferably clean, blank paper.

  19. A pulley system designed to let someone kill birds, fill buckets with their blood mixed with poison, and deliver the payload to Wind's Sanctuary to be dumped inside from above.
  20. Day 109 Year 10 [spoiler]: Change yawns softly, sketchbook tucked under her arm, and tiptoes around the stones to her plot Change: *pats the earth* Hmm, bit dry, but still good. Change: *checks her rainbarrels* Enough water it seems. : Change takes a large vial from her satchel and fills it with water from a rainbarrel. She then sprinkles it over the plot and, once it's empty, refills it a few more times and repeats Change: That should be good. *leaves the vial by the rainbarrel for easier access* : Change jumps over the stones and heads off[/spoiler]
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