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  1. (I'm just going to assume that there was lots of rain this month ;))   Day 279 Year 10 [spoiler]Change: *yawns sleepily and walks up to the small pomegranate tree.* Hmm... almost as tall as I am. Change: *feels the ground and studies the bark* ... doesn't look that dry actually. Guess there was some rain this month. And looks like it's almost big enough to take care of itself. Change: *chews on her lip* Buut a bit more water couldn't hurt. : Change yawns again and gets some water from the rainbarrel and waters the tree with a bucket Change: There we go... *she says as she sets the bucket
  2.   I'm confused. Did Fang get a leash? I thought he didn't because no one bid on him.   But while I see what you're saying, I like the current system where there's a certain period where the slave's leash is not under their control (usually 3 months) in return for freedom to use the leash how they want 9 months after that. Yes, two players can cooperate so that the slave gets what master they want, though this doesn't always work out.   As for removing the slave auction and the whole slave thing in general, I'm not exactly for that. For some, including me, the slave auction
  3. 2 x nuts and bolts sold to Nimrodel. Still more items left.
  4. Box sold. At the GOE usually for trades. Still looking for a time to trade with you, Nimrodel. :)
  5. Trying to get some silver, so I'm selling the following roleplay items:   sloop goop (5 silver) quarter staff (5 silver) wax pin (5 silver) wax pen (5 silver) knator's claw (5 silver) voodoo doll (5 silver)   Might be willing to sell other items from my inventory, so take a look, but no guarantees. The above items, however, are definitely for sale. I might add more to this list once I decide on what else to sell. Gold is also acceptable of course at 15 silver: 1 gold.   I'm doing it this way now because in my last thread I posted stuff I wasn't sure about selling, so hopefully
  6. Day: 238 Year: 10 Change: *looks at her pomegranate plot* Don't worry, you'll get something to drink. : [Spell] Rain rain rain!
  7. Also, on Saturday, at least for me and others, at periods we were able to login again and chat momentarily, while today it seemed as if it was completely down for the time period stated, but I'm not sure, as I didn't check frequently.
  8. Name: Change ID: 233774 Duration: 3 months Why Change would be a good slave: A cute child artist who might draw you some pictures and/or help you with things. Limitations: Will stubbornly refuse orders that she dislikes (going against her land, giving up some possessions, among other things). Percentage: 33% Will be a fair bit more active starting in September, so if Change's owner wants, they can delay the slavery period until September 1st.
  9. Back from my trip to the Netherlands. Hoping to go again soon!

  10. Day: 203 Year: 10 [spoiler]: Change walks over to the pomegranate sapling that reaches up to her waist Change: *kneels down and feels the ground that's neither dry nor damp* hmm. it has been raining a bit lately, but more couldn't hurt-- : Change gets some water from the rainbarrel and pours it on the dirt by the sapling, waiting to see if it'll soak it up : Change adds more until it starts to soak it up slower, then stops Change: *stretches* looks pretty good for now. *sits down on a rock* (formatting fail!)[/spoiler]
  11. Day: 183 Year: 10 [spoiler]: Menhir collects memorystone Change: hi, nut : Change sits down by her plot JadenDew: we should plant it so we could grow mow nuts and roast them Change: tis tempting JadenDew: Time to garden tend i think? (are you logging or..?) Rophs: Don't plant me1 Change: it is the only way the nut will have children sooo-- Change: it's a favour! (yupies) Rophs: *crosses his arms* Kids are not for me! : JadenDew puts on some glvoes and get to pulling weeds JadenDew: Of course not.. they are for roasting .. *says as she pulls out some weeds* : Change fills a vial of water from
  12. Change

    Revamping MD

    No one, if there was a list of admin-allowed scripts that players were allowed to use, what would they do? I ask this because I play lots of games where there are common scripts that provide information to the player. A similar script for MD might tell you the time left until full APs. Others might automatically map out locations, and so on, while others merely are display enhancers.    However, some are trigger-based, such as, if Change is detected in a location, cast movelock on her instantly (this would be VERY easy to do, unless I'm wrong). It's these that I think are explicitl
  13. Pepper and strawberries   You know how to trap a soul? Pepper and strawberries. Strawberries to lure them in and pepper to make them sneeze!     (will post more sketchbook segments 'soon')
  14.   Yes, but water is fairly common, so I still have to decline. I have 16 water already, given to me for free. :)   Anyways, hope the updated list helps you if you wish to make another offer. For context, I've already received an offer of 50 water each for a blue hair ribbon and the decorated skull--two items that I'm quite willing to trade, unlike the messenger bag.
  15. Edited the lists to be in the rough order of most willing to sell to least willing to sell (but still possibly willing to trade for RP items). I also divided each list into likely to trade for silver and unlikely to trade for silver.
  16. I came across this study today: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/jun/08/new-study-claims-to-find-genetic-link-between-creativity-and-mental-illness Now, I'm teaching myself art, but I don't think being an artist means that I'm more creative than the average person. Perhaps there are more creative artists/writers/etc. than creative people in other professions, but that still begs the following questions: What is creativity? How can you tell if you're more creative than average? Personally I have some idea about the first question--but absolutely no idea about the second. For me,
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