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Status Updates posted by Change

  1. Finished all my assignments for this semester. Time to enjoy the holidays! That means more time for MD ^_^

  2. Only one essay and one project to go for this semester. ^_^

  3. Finally woken up. Sorry for being so dead lately. :)

  4. Back from the Netherlands and all settled in again. Should be more active now!

  5. Spending time in the Netherlands with boyfriend, so will be not active in-game, but will still try and check up on the forums. :)

  6. Not feeling well lately (mentally and physically), so if I appear more irritable than normal, that's why. :(

  7. Sorry for not being that active lately. Been figuring stuff out.

  8. Back from my trip to the Netherlands. Hoping to go again soon!

  9. Still settling into Europe, so I won't be on much.

  10. Always looking for paper supplies in MD, preferably clean, blank paper.

  11. Change's citizenship vote ends at around 12 ST on the 21st. Also, my semester is nearly done, so soon I will have lots of free time.

  12. Will be very inactive until the 12th due to end of semester exams/essays.

  13. Finally learning to accept failure. Watch out!

  14. Looking to pay 3-5 gold for a custom drawn avatar for Change. If any artists are interested, PM me with links to examples of your work.

  15. Change has become a "Mary Sue". Any "changes" in her will be my attempts to fix this...though she will never stop being a collection of fragments from my mind.

  16. The first step has been taken. The time until the next matters little.

  17. Applying for Necrovion citizenship. Some of Change's drawings will be able to be seen "soon".

  18. Some programmers: "We'll get rid of a necessary feature, save 5 lines of code, and then make people get a 1,000 line extension to use said common feature." Honestly, it's like some programmers don't use the software that they write...

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    2. Chewett


      As I said above, that code to count occurances only likely runs when its making the changes and therefore has no additional overhead to do the counting. Whereas doing the count in the find menu will add overhead, and the two types of counting are mutually exclusive and will not be a case of copying some code, you will need to change it since the replacing will use some form of regex which you dont do when just finding. So its very different types of count.

      I understand your frustra...

    3. Ary Endleg

      Ary Endleg

      and..... cut!

      Seems like we need more characters for status comments :p

    4. Azthor


      Our wordiness is being oppressed!

  19. So much dust in my room.

  20. Change is finally settling down.

    1. Dragual


      Change must never stop. That is the one true constant in this world.

  21. I'm extremely happy to have him in my life. :)

  22. It's rude to not tell a people pleaser when their actions aren't pleasing to people. I am generally a people pleaser. Please tell me when I'm being annoying. Thank you.

    1. Mallos


      Let me be rude I like it that way.

  23. Yay, wisdom teeth out. Now that my wisdom is gone, can I spend the points on dexterity or something?

  24. Change's thoughts and feelings aren't as 'public' as some people think. Some of them are, but the important ones are not.



      So how do we get to know them?

    2. Change


      Don't look at the lightning. (More later).

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