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  1. It would have been a very great honor to have met you...

  2. I think the 'being' that give you the cube at the beginning is Jack Willow who is trying to save you from the Shades from the House of Liquid Dust that surround you. He has become 'part' of those shades I think but still is able to maintain his own identity to some degree and perhaps sees you as someone that could potentially save Marind. The cube that he gives you is actually the wooden cube where you meet Marind and after you take it you get absorbed into it before coming out of it eventually in Chapter 2. Note that as in the story each of us still has the wooden cube in our
  3. I was thinking about what Manu said about appearances and while I'm not sure if he was referring to my post it may be that Akasha did not turn into the Shade Sentinel but rather that her act of writing the Book of Principles caused the Shade Sentinel to form in Necrovion as a reflection or manifestation of that book (perhaps as a corruption of the real one?). Consider that Khalzadad instigated contact with the shades shortly after Akasha was writing her book(after which we did not hear from her anymore) starting The Shade Balance saga before Alche's quest for The Book was even complete
  4. This is just speculation mind you but has anyone considered that Akasha turned into the Shade Sentinel after she left Golemus Golemicarium since no one has ever heard from her since. After all they are both female, Akasha became more 'dark' after making her own version of the Book from the 6 pages and the Shade Sentinel somehow got the page to throw into the fire. As for the pyramids I believe there are 9 in total, 7 on land and the 2 floating ones. If each pyramid corresponds to a principle then the 10th is probably invisible or hidden somewhere.
  5. A rare and delicate flower that blooms only in shadow; easily the best-kept secret in MagicDuel.

  6. Shadowalking - You no longer leave a name trail at any locations when moving for an hour maybe? Not the same as being completely invisible your name still appears at locations you are at. The principles used would be darkness and time I think. Its not that powerful but could still be useful in certain situations like in the heads contest
  7. I would find the stories easier to follow if there was an option allowing you to read all the entries of one particular story at a time rather then having them all mixed together and fragmented.
  8. The 3 helmets in willows shop: Swift Lament, Bronze Helm and Crested Helm all give the same stat bonus +1 defense even though they cost very different amounts of value points. Shouldn't they also have different stat bounes to make them unique even if they costed the same number of value points?
  9. How many times can you replay the story? I'm asking becouse the last time I can do it I want to do it the best way, which happens to be the way I did it the first time rather then exparament with different paths just to see where they lead. I used to be able to go to Fenths Weilder and Champions Dome but now I can't becouse I tried a different story path last time
  10. This is great. Imagination, Darkness and Time is the exact combo I ended up choosing
  11. SoulTear

    new alliance

    Well mefisto said he thought they all were cool in a previous post so I think he has no preferance. However just to clearify I will list the alliance names in the order I like them the most so if Frozen Abyss is not chosen we can agree on some other one. So here they are from most to least favourite: 1. Frozen Abyss 2. Winter Phoenix 3. Angel Phoenix 4. Shadow Phoenix 5. Sapphire Star 6. Aerial Palace 7. Inferno Also for our additional members Thereef has already become part of chewett's alliance so you can exlude him and marco10176 has applied to the Heros of honor alliance so you can
  12. SoulTear

    new alliance

    Of my 7 suggestions I vote for Frozen Abyss. It was my first choice and is my favorite. I am still willing to listen to anyone elses suggestions if they have one. However once we decide on a name for this alliance anyone is free to use the names I suggested for an alliance they start. I think they are all quite good and would be happy to see someone else use them. For anyone who doesn't get in to this alliance they can try for chewett's alliance since he is still recruiting. His alliance thread is called 'warrirors alliance' and I don't think he has decided on a name yet.
  13. SoulTear

    new alliance

    Actually you can start an alliance with more then just 3 members. Dark Side started theirs with 5 members which is the maximium number an alliance can have at this point in the Alpha I think. Ok here are my 5 suggestions for the alliance name 1. Frozen Abyss 2. Aerial Palace 3. Inferno 4. Sapphire Star 5. Angel Phoenix or Shadow Phoenix or Winter Phoenix I guess thats really 7 but oh well
  14. SoulTear

    new alliance

    I was just making a suggestion for the name since you asked for one. My in-game name is Aqune. Can't you see it, its in the left hand column under my forum name right under the member number. It says 'Playername:' right beside it.
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