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  1. It would have been a very great honor to have met you...

  2. You certainly do have a one track mind cryxus, don’t have anything to say about the rest of my post? What’s your problem? Can’t tolerate dissent? That first paragraph was only there to explain why I’m posting again and what my impressions on the war are without going into specifics. If I wanted to discuss why I believe it was wrong I would have done so in another topic. I may not have been playing for about a month and a half now but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what happened. Also a lot of the problems that led to this war were already there when I was still playing. I don’t want to talk ab
  3. Well after some time away Yami emailed me recently about this War between Golmeus and Loreroot (as some of you may remember when I left I gave Yami my Aqune account so she could still make weather when needed for roleplay etc.). That piqued my curiosity so I decided to check out the forum to see what was the cause of all this. Well other then finding this very interesting thread I didn’t like what I found or how things turned out for Loreroot and while I won’t comment any further to prevent more heated arguments on the forum suffice it to say the Self-Righteous Golemus Bullies were very lucky
  4. I have put this here for lack of a better place, so mods and admins, you can move it if you want. Well I have decided to take a break from the game, maybe permanently or maybe not I don’t know yet. However I have attainted something of a position in the game and am something of a quasi-RPC so I want to let everyone know without having to message a lot of people and that is what this post is for. I have played this game consistently for a very long time but even I have my limits. I have given my Aqune account information to Yami no Sakura so that if the Storm Maidens powers are needed by Ma
  5. I'm more of a loner in the MD world really so I won't be actively joining you plus you seem to have a lot of prospective members already. However as a member of Loreroot if you need my storm powers for a specific task I would be more then willing to assist, it will be interesting to see at any rate what this Nature's Sword is and what it can do.
  6. I think the 'being' that give you the cube at the beginning is Jack Willow who is trying to save you from the Shades from the House of Liquid Dust that surround you. He has become 'part' of those shades I think but still is able to maintain his own identity to some degree and perhaps sees you as someone that could potentially save Marind. The cube that he gives you is actually the wooden cube where you meet Marind and after you take it you get absorbed into it before coming out of it eventually in Chapter 2. Note that as in the story each of us still has the wooden cube in our possession, at l
  7. I was thinking about what Manu said about appearances and while I'm not sure if he was referring to my post it may be that Akasha did not turn into the Shade Sentinel but rather that her act of writing the Book of Principles caused the Shade Sentinel to form in Necrovion as a reflection or manifestation of that book (perhaps as a corruption of the real one?). Consider that Khalzadad instigated contact with the shades shortly after Akasha was writing her book(after which we did not hear from her anymore) starting The Shade Balance saga before Alche's quest for The Book was even complete. The wh
  8. This is just speculation mind you but has anyone considered that Akasha turned into the Shade Sentinel after she left Golemus Golemicarium since no one has ever heard from her since. After all they are both female, Akasha became more 'dark' after making her own version of the Book from the 6 pages and the Shade Sentinel somehow got the page to throw into the fire. As for the pyramids I believe there are 9 in total, 7 on land and the 2 floating ones. If each pyramid corresponds to a principle then the 10th is probably invisible or hidden somewhere.
  9. Yes after making my map for MB I found that MDA is the largest and most complex land there is now so it is not surprising people get lost in there and yet it is the only one without a map.
  10. Well since its going to be on for the whole day I will probably be able to show up if only for a little while. I usually stay at Maple Road anyway when I'm not at Willow's Shop that is. If I have some extra heat I will even try to create some nice weather.
  11. I have to agree with Glaistig, MRD and dst (seems like we are always butting heads but I guess the occasional agreement does happen) on this. This sort of thing will turn the entire world into a kind of dojo for what? 5 alliances (GotR, CoE, CoS, GG and even the MRs if it includes them too) and really ruin the fun (for me at least) in fighting. I have played a number of MMOGs in the past and there are plenty where a Non-Aggression Pact makes sense for the parties involved but MD is not one of them. In all those other games there are always NPC type monsters for people to fight when there is
  12. So that is why I haven't seen Penelope around, I was wondering why I never see her anymore. Its sad to see her go I remember even recommending her to Manu after he made me PWR, too bad nothing will come of that now. I also thought that the Children of the Eclipse was going to be a sure thing but from what I have heard recently Manu doesn't want to make any new alliances right now at all so its not just you he is ignoring. I can't really talk more about that topic here (and if I did Chewett would probably just censor it anyway) but for those that have access to the Lonely Tree forum (dedicat
  13. [quote name='Death Bell' post='22651' date='Dec 18 2008, 11:08 AM']hey someone told me about a avatar searcher or sumthing.. is ther ea way to gather the people that have a avatar? so we can see all the avatars?[/quote] A long time ago there was a topic about this and it is possible to view all avatars. There is no avatar search or anything like that but the folder on the server where the avatar images are stored is public so if you know the URL for it you can view them all. I have forgotten the URL for the avatar folder unfortunately (really should remember to write stuff like that down)
  14. If I happen to be online at that date and time I would like to attend but I'm not on much anymore. Name: Aqune
  15. Must you always be so mean and arrogant? Why couldn't you have said "I would never talk about you behind your back Aqune" or just "I did not talk about you behind your back" or even nothing at all rather then that. But I suppose that would be too much to expect from someone as vain as you. You really shouldn't be surprised that people regard you as a villain when you act that way all the time and belittle them.
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