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  1. nice people indeed, but one never knows who one will meet no?
  2. yer lol there are many who do play this game. dota and lol are good games. o.o but im surprised people actually are looking at this. ^.^ thank you for taking the time to read and respond.
  3. many old friends from the net have left, and i desire to find more people to play different kinds of online games with. also possibly.. to live stream with. but if no ones interested its fine and all. i have no idea how to make friends..well im too shy and strangers are scarey......... but anyways, if anyones intrested.... i guess post here?. oh um i guess i should say some more things. i play any kind of game, but i get bored with them easily, unless i have a friend to play with. i love mmorpgs the most. and not a fan of paying for anything. if i can "aquire" it ,its alright. i currently play
  4. o.O im writing on this community for a class

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    2. Chewett


      use harvard ref format, thats the best

    3. acage


      o.O haven't even heard of that format. =\ why are there so many.

    4. Chewett


      i havent heard of apa or mla lol, but i learnt computer sciency ones like IEEE and ACM formates, but harvard is the best IMO for general reading of papers.

  5. =] thanks for replying. o.O don't know how to use spells so its quite alright ^.^. puns are fun though...
  6. Ahoy there fellow beings. I am asquiffy in game, and I am quite terrible at the game. Been on for a over a year now and I still cant figure out how to get into loreroot =\. Anyways I thought I'd try to enter the forum realm, so... shoe.
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