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  1. and to papers I send one email for each of them (they are in total 4) or just one? . I send one email to one paper.* *Sorry if my message is not understood, is a bit difficult for me to write correctly by the grammar of the language
  2. I upload images to: Pass Loreroot Papers Bark Cutting Improvised Rain Collector and I do not remember if for any object more. Should I send an email I have not yet received any one gold?
  3. yeah, I've been following this game about a year ago. :D It's like Mount and Blade but with a definite main story ;) There is also the TESO (the elders scrolls online) And also look at the Life Is Feudal.
  4. for me ^_^ http://storenow.net/my/?f=4a2bca146d0a67ad35ec48def014ab37
  5. http://storenow.net/my/?f=8a75cba45811760af2435c27cbcb93eb http://storenow.net/my/?f=af31359e78312f612b2ccdb2296040cf
  6. I have eight dogs, a cat and two ducks :)) :)) :)) , I love them all equally
  7. you will have your avy ready when you return! be well friend
  8. for Krioni http://storenow.net/my/?f=1ab0ba0b73d63fc12777bf17316ab9b8 for Aeos http://storenow.net/my/?f=8c434d8256bfbfcf6bb075f9210ecd1b For Dark Demon http://storenow.net/my/?f=634593c56895f202b998436950a131c7 a gift for Rhaegar http://storenow.net/my/?f=e469f064300aae83fcf7818c1e8b7a69
  9. Luckily for Germans and Argentines, the best man win ^_^
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