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  1. I have eight dogs, a cat and two ducks :))  :))  :)) , I love them all equally
  2. you will have your avy ready when you return! be well friend
  3. Luckily for Germans and Argentines, the best man win  ^_^
  4.   say that I do not like football live here in my country, for the proud and prejudiced journalism against the other countries, and I feel more identified with Brazil.  Support for Brazil since I was 10 years
  5. I! from Argentina, but my support is for Brazil!   :))  :))
  6. * smiles a bit sad *   :( Even though we do not talk a long time ago, I wish you all the best on your special day Shem, which have a good time with your family and friends , Happy Birthday friend   Enjoy!
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