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  1. I think a Angien is far more valuable than creatures like Pimps, Imps, Jokers, Sharptears or BP Archers (I may be wrong) that should be accepted as part of the deal. But you have the authority to reject it and I do not dispute. if rejected, I will make a new offer
  2. Angien Sentinel II (age 1343) +Rustgold Drachonr + 2gc + 37 sc EDIT: I add a (+) sign between Angien and Rustgold , because it might be confusing to others
  3. Rustgold drachorn ( usually 4 GC aprox , but this have claws and stardust) + 4 GC + 30sc :D
  4. Rustgold Drachorn(Stardust and Claw II) + 2gc + 15 SC
  5. thank you Nim ;) I am at your disposal. I am striving to learn to color the drawings of objects that I do in the future
  6. I have free time, tell me the details to see if I can help you
  7. http://storenow.net/my/?f=61c18049ec048673f7cd5184185b7931
  8. http://storenow.net/my/?f=165695745d9d85821cd2e3420218ada5
  9. probably already have expired the links , and thank you ^_^
  10. gonzalocsdf95

    test scene

    yeah , it's a dificulty style . god job
  11. To DD : http://storenow.net/my/?f=9f52e4688318926071436dd351f7910c
  12. Gonzalo- It is my real name CSDF - abbreviations football club where I played 10 years (Club Social y Deportivo Flandria) (19)95 - year of my birth
  13. for Witty : http://storenow.net/my/?f=c565c8995202ff67c9499806af59cd69
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