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  1. Sure! We can share the reward Aethon . PM Nim please ,
  2. Thank you very much for your words Z. Hopefully this symbol can be used as the official icon
  3. no, thank you all for everything you have done for me :wacko:
  4. two decades of affection, honesty, friendship and love of nature

  5. thank you very much everyone for your nice words and friendly wishes  ;) ^_^ ;)
  6. drawings can still be present? I will not do it but I want to revive this post  :))
  7. If you have not yet received help at this time I am available  ^_^
  8. I would love to help with this but I'm too busy Phantasm
  9. if the supply of Mirus, is not out of rule, I will refund the Token
  10. I think participating in this quest. Totally ignore because it does not mention that this is a ART QUEST.
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