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  1. How hard is it to design a skin a la magicduel.com/img/screenshots/magiwb001.jpg ?

    1. Zyrxae


      Chew, what I meant was "How might one go about doing this oneself? Cursory Googling hasn't turned up anything."

    2. Chewett


      Try googling stuff like: create invision power board skin

      E.g.: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/297529-an-admins-guide-to-skinning-ipb/

    3. Zyrxae


      This looks very promising, thanks!

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  2. I saw a version of this some years back, balked at the length, then skimmed it for the end. It wasn't very satisfying, but I laughed a bit at the thought of the poor sops who read the whole thing only to be suckered by the corny punchline.   This time I scrolled down to check the punch line to see if this was the same story I'd 'read' before. It was, and this time I decided to read the whole thing. (For those on the fence about taking the time to read it, do. It's decently written and just might make you think.) The joke had been on me the first time around.   Knowing the ending
  3. WOW good point. Incentives are such hard things to do right.   I assume the moderators would award a warning to each person they decide has caused a topic to descend into flame wars, thereby decreasing the incentive for [a group to gang up to force-close a topic, knowing that only one person among them would be punished].
  4. Zyrxae

    BMMO Gifts

    While I like how BMMO voting encourages votes for MD rather than just clicks on the red links, the silver gift boxes seem fairly fighting-oriented thus far. Would it upset the balance terribly if individual resources (water, lumber, dusts, etc) were to be made available in that shop for several gold apiece? Or would it be better for the flow of items within the realm for things that come from outside MD to be labeled as such, as spellstones were in the past and giftboxes are now?   Alos, been wondering: is Top Online MMORPG just a near-clone of BMMO but without the rewards, or did it at
  5. I unwittingly timed this about as poorly as could be.   Grateful as I am for the sponsorship, this quest is on hold until more becomes clear about how the recent scene modifications will operate. With any luck they'll allow for more recipes, or even--better yet!--make this quest obsolete*...   * not sarcasm
  6. It should say something about the general will toward Phantom Orchid that she is able to speak or idle in public as a fugitive.   as you're surely well aware. No one, if someone's mere presence near you frustrates you this much, that speaks more to your own character than the person's. At least here we have an ignore list.
  7. My connection has never been great, but I've now been getting a multi windows alert just about every other time I try to attack someone or move faster than a scene per 30 seconds. Ping times are generally downwards of 200 ms, which seems reasonable enough (I never tested them before the server move, but load times seem about the same--very slow.)   On a possibly unrelated note, ever since the move I seem to have immigrated to the Czech Republic. (I revived an alt this morning and it came up American; midwest USA here.) I did use Tor to access MD several days ago, but in the past my flag
  8. I don't know of anyone who uses it regularly (though many may and just don't mention it.) Personal experience: it makes Flash run so slowly on any browser that I've blocked the cloud with Adblock Plus. Together with the recent issues with the PMs-to-email feature, which was previously an invaluable if somewhat un-MD failsafe, and the usefulness of the search function, I don't see much of a need for the cloud feature (though I'd certainly mourn its passing were it to ever go.)
  9. A given individual would want to take on a leadership position in the Community Garden because they:   - are particularly interested in gardening/applying this interest to MD's setting - consider themself an effective leader - seek some sort of material reward - have spare time to commit - don't want to see this effort die out   or some combination thereof.   The first one isn't a necessity, but might well make for a more interesting or engaging leader. Then again gardening/farming are generally demanding enough in reality that dedicated growers would likely find thems
  10. Fixed, thanks. (No excuse to be had but that they're one line down and a whole screen across from each other on the spreadsheet..)
  11. There will be a log, but this map and Vall's spreadsheet make for a nice overview.   Maybe it's obvious but the arrows on the diagram mean "owns the leash of".     Edit: should be correct now.
  12. Udgard, I've wondered that too, and resolved the issue by attempting to vote as if I couldn't see the rep of the post in question. The effectiveness of this strategy increases with the transparency of the reputation system (see below). -- Might a poll help decide this? Something along the lines of:   1) Pick the option you most prefer. Transparent means everyone can see how everyone votes, opaque means only you can see how you voted. The current system is translucent: you can view who likes what, but it's a hassle to do so unless you're a moderator. "Like" system, transparent "Like"
  13. Every time I check Online Users (because what's more fun than stalking?) three gibberish-named users are viewing Ackshan's profile. What?

    1. Dan


      shhh...or you will scare the Shades away

    2. Ackshan Bemunah

      Ackshan Bemunah

      I think I know why.

    3. Zyrxae


      Why's that, whys guy?

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  14. In light of the recent (2569) announcement (though the idea certainly predates it) and in the spirit of slicing through what viscosity may be gumming up your creative juices, I present you a quest that's remarkably similar to one that ran two years ago.   Your task: Write a recipe that could function within the realm.   Guidelines: Despite the name, a "recipe" in MD is by no means limited to food items or consumables: it is the term for a set of instructions for creating finished products on a reproducible scale. While it need not be in the official recipe format (see linked top
  15. Ivorak, I strongly agree that we need more constructive criticism. Showing who has neg-repped a given post should serve this purpose, as those who spam neg-reps without justification will in turn be looked down upon by the community, which is a strong incentive against the tear-down we've all seen.   Currently we can't do this. 'Liking' someone's post adds a point to their net reputation, and if a post gets five or more likes, it is starred as popular. We can't see who has liked our own posts or the posts of others, or see the number of likes a post has. Edit: It's still a minor annoyanc
  16. Personally I'm in favor of both positive and negative rep, as I feel having both more honestly represents the sentiments of the community. Negative reputation conveys as strong a message about a person's online interpersonal communication skills as positive rep does. I'm personally fascinated by the truths in each "Let's see how many neg reps xyz gets for asking literally the same question I did", but this isn't the main point here.   I much prefer being able to see the number of likes/upvotes on a given post, which we can't do currently. Much as I dislike its like-only system, Facebook
  17. [b]Name:[/b] Zyrxae [b]Duration of service:[/b] to be decided by the highest bidder. [b]Reason: [/b]I have relatively few privileges but several talents whose use you may request as my master.* From least to most actualizing, I can: - serve you up a fresh batch of log-room data (within reason) - organize information -- I tabulated the votes for the Personal Request Month and the second Day of Fear, as well as various other column'd documents scattered throughout the realm. - edit your words, especially if you're not a native English speaker and wish to communicate a specific feeli
  18. Because seventy-two pages of log isn’t insignificant, a summary for later lookers-on— [b][u]Quest rewards:[/u][/b] [b]Darkraptor: Paint Your Aramor![/b] 1—No one—Anniversary Aramor + independent memory stone collector 2—Dan Planewalker—Anniversary Aramor + item of choice* 3—dst—morph [b]Dan Planewalker: DOM[/b] 1—Eara Meraia—Anniversary Aramor + mirror item 2—AmberRune—Anniversary Aramor + own leash 3—Zyrxae—morph [b]Official Challenge #1—Find the dummies![/b] 1—AmberRune&md
  19. - Security letters and logout cooldowns are the rule, not the exception. - Drummer for..the who? Keith Moon was a Legend Speaker, not a musician..
  20. Kumquat here. The most fun part of this sort of analysis, for me, comes in responding to others' perspectives. Hopefully you're not all so exhausted from the writing that you wouldn't be up to discussion yourselves..
  21. Every script I try to run gives the typical incorrect location error ("#Add (locations COORD) on the first line of your script, replace COORD with the location where the clickable is. You can specify multiple locations that can run this script by adding whem with comma") despite the correct location setting [(locations 1_2x1_1) for the brick at Wind's Game, for example] being present in each. I've tried this on several clickables, RPC and Grade 4, as well as browser fixes (cleared cache/cookies, updated Flash), none of which made a difference. I'm probably overlooking
  22. [quote name='Nimrodel' timestamp='1364196394' post='134404'] The quest feedback form isnt public. This one is. Hence the voting. [/quote] Then why not just copy the current quest voting form, Likert scale and all? That would solve the following issues in one fell swoop, but would be much vaguer. Besides, I can’t think of a good way to convert the reasons for joining/not joining questions onto a straight five-point metric. Perhaps this poll is unsalvageable or doomed by its very nature, but I’ll take a shot. Chew and others please poke holes in this whe
  23. [quote name='Valldore Nal' timestamp='1364146251' post='134389'] What about the dead ? Do you actually have any plan or they are supposed to look for other means to revive themselves ?[/quote] [quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1362200305' post='133293'] There are real repercussions to failing, so be prepared to complete the examination. I will not reveal the repercussions until they are handed out. [/quote] Honestly I'm somewhat surprised at the leniency of these repercussions. Of all the possible ways to punish a person in this realm,
  24. While player-run/scripted quests and events* and built-in (Loreroot guards, Broken Pattern) puzzles are enjoyable and rewarding, they lack the sense of unification present in the time of the Adventure Log. This collective sense of purpose has been important to the coherence of the realm, and I feel MD is missing some part of its core without it. When the Log last splintered it was in no small part because people had come to view it as less of a realm-wide storyline and more as a tale of a few select players. Without this overall direction, MD is and will remain a scattered series of plea
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