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  1. Thank you, Nimrodel, your words touch me in returning.   In all honesty I feel more than a little funny accepting the wishpoint, maybe most of all because it feels like it makes the submission less genuine or more "commercial" (no insult to Nimrodel or others)...but then again this wouldn't have been finished, let alone made public had it not been for this topic. Disputing the reward would look (and probably would be) insincerely self-sacrificing and childishly attention-seeking and rude to Nimrodel, whose generosity should be rewarded, not punished.   To that end: No idea if thi
  2. "Tag! I'm still It!" My favorite part.   I like to believe that Eon would remember these: Liberty: if one were to invade loreroot which would be the best course of action to conquer it? Eon: If someone was going to attempt to take over Loreroot, the best way to do it would be to teleport everyone inside to the lighthouse in GG. The person would then march their army inside. Eon: They would make sure I was on their side and station me at the front entrance to slow people down who try to take it back. Eon: They would load up with killing items beforehand and kill off anyone who tried to
  3. Challenge accepted. It ends up being something like "the longer you stick around and talk, the more opportunity people have to form an opinion of you one way or another". (The graphs and simple regressions will get their own topic in due time..) — Meanwhile, this has been up for a good while and the majority opinion received more than half the votes. Based on this poll, I recommend that the forum switch to a system of transparent positive and negative reputation. — Final tally: "Like" system (current) (4 votes [10.26%]) Positive and negative, transparent rep (22 votes [56.4
  4. [log='Principle of Transposition'] You said if a man sits in place long enough, with enough will and water he will turn into a tree, and so you did. You showed me how the man who gave you limbs was really just a man, and I shouldn’t worship him for doing what we all do naturally, just with a healthy dose of charisma. I said (wanted to believe that) charisma can make all the difference.                You essayed to write a poem a day, and sent me them for a while. One was second person and I thought it was for me.
  5. Bump, now that Forum Death Quest submissions are done. Since there's such a clear majority so far, this will close in 2 days.
  6. [log='Zyrxae's entry']Like the room in the Wooden Box, this small realm is one of the mind. My actions within it are metaphors, but this makes them no less real; indeed it makes them more so. The light is present so that I may see, and so that the shadows are not impotent. (There are no shades without light for comparison.) I can’t find its source because it emanates evenly from the room itself; this implies that no particular part of the room is spotlighted or innately deserving of my attention. The door and its handle together are described as ominous, scarred, disfigured, heavy, b
  7. It's an interesting idea, but I'm not quite sure I get the concept behind it. Viscosity is currently determined by the freshness/recency of human movement through the lands. Yet doesn't taking a land's resources also acknowledge human presence in a land? Why shouldn't harvesting resources lower viscosity? Does it seem reasonable that a land could retaliate against people for tapping its fruits?   So only land members could decrease the viscosity, but anyone could increase it. What is your conceptual—not your goal but the reasons behind it—basis for not having it the othe
  8. For the first tag, how about simply "Thief!" Anyone with the Thief! tag could be grabbed like a fugitive, as Kyphis suggested, although maybe their punishment shouldn't be jail but the pillory (movelock + throwable rotten tomatoes at Plains of Deceit) "Vigilante" (props to Soothing Sands) would be a good option for the tag of taking back stolen property, possibly including recovering other people's stolen property for them (player A steals from player B and runs away into Golemus, whereupon B asks C, who has GG loyalty, to go after A. C tracks down A and retrieves the stolen item, the
  9. Samon, I guess I just don't like how RL-based that element of the gameplay is. DOM is an RPG inside an RPG, and it seems like the further nested you go, the less the outside world (irl timing) becomes important.   If Players A and B have the same agility and strike player Z in the same phase, with player Z being killable by either of their strikes, roll a six-or twelve-sided die. If the result is odd, A gets the mod; if even, B gets it. If three players strike someone down at the same time, a roll of 1 or 2 gives A the kill, 3 or 4 goes to B, and 5 or 6 to C. In the highly unlikely
  10. On the one hand, teamwork is nice..on the other, it doesn't really seem fitting that one person could—hypothetically; this isn't a personal complaint—do the first 99 damage to a character, and then not just one but three other people could come in and get the mod.   Why not settle things the old-fashioned way: ingame, with dice? Having Dan screenshot every roll for every kill might not be too much extra work (sorry Dan, at least I didn't kill you)...or better yet, we could trust our game master's word as to how the chips fell.
  11. I've talked to Chewett and apparently the following reputation options are possible:     •    'Like' system—what we currently have. You can now view who likes what posts, by the way; thanks Chew!     •    Positive and negative, transparent rep     •    Positive only, transparent rep—almost the same as the like system, but you have to click to view who liked what     •    Negative only, transparent rep     • &
  12. Digging tunnels or fixing previously existing/sealed ones.
  13. That sounds wonderful! I'm pretty sure I've messaged the majority of active people at least once in the past year (PMs last a year as of ann. 2153), so this would be a great way to contact pretty much anyone whenever!   Wait a minute...   (In all seriousness, this could be solved by having search-by-author only look through messages from, say, the past two months.)
  14. Such a module may have been how the Flasks of Liquid Language used to work. If that's so, this could probably be functional. Imagine non-native English speaking players using an in-game item to translate for them. (Babelfish?!)   Forum posts, Archives links, player profiles, and Youtube videos get automatically turned into hyperlinked red [Forum Post], [Archives Link], [Jester's Profile], and [Video Link], respectively, but sites literally outside the realm would lose out here, which may not be so bad after all.   Edit: Storenow and the wikia could use this type of link; right
  15. Zyrxae

    HC Rules

    The information in Ann. 1200 seems to still be accurate regarding stage II and rewards.   Not sure if you're suggesting doing so, but stating all rules of the contest--rewards, stage II requirement, and all prohibited locations on the contest page feels spoilery and generally un-MDish to me, although it seems fitting enough to have an official list of off-limits spots should challenges occur, as they're wont to do. Part of the fun of the heads contest, from what I've remembered and heard recently, comes in trying to guess when Stage II will come and what the rewards will be.   Ma
  16. Zyrxae

    HC Rules

    Good idea, MRAlyon. —— Very minor copy-editing, mostly adding apostrophes, and updated to reflect VorniC's correction and information from Anns. 1384 and 2375—   [spoiler]What is this? This is a CONTEST! First 4 of each group will get a prize consisting of a stats, skill and credits boost and a head trophy medal! First place gets a gold heads medal. What are trophy heads? Every fourth month this contest starts and each player of mindpower 4 or 5 starts receiving Trophy Heads. You can see how many trophy heads a player has in their detail panel when you click thei
  17. Sorry for the previous wording— Creature totems are currently transferable only via ITC, the same as shared tools. Although I haven't tested it, I assume that snowperson totems are also transferable by ITC, thus bypassing the long-standing need to wait for melting season to sell snowmen. (Since totems can't be opened yet, it's hard to test this completely.)   To keep snowmen 'special', totems of morphed (frozen) ones could be rendered so that only their creators could re-open the totem. The totem would be an ingredient in the melting process described above. The recipe's product?
  18. Although I've logged a huge amount of text in MD so far, I always thought it was a little strange to be able to do so. Not being able to copy and paste chat seems more naturalistic, since we're not all running around with sound recorders or scribbling everything everyone says into a notebook.   If we end up not being able to copy chat, acousticremains (which does make sense in-world since it's a spell) would probably become more sought after..
  19. Here's hoping that snowpeople receive a "melted? y/n" key upon totemization, and that frozen ones are untranferrable even by ITC. This way, a totemized frozen snowperson could be an ingredient in a recipe as Maebius suggests.   I'd say this is more an example of excess Light hastening a natural cyclic process for entropic purposes. (This is a great example of light being much more entropic than syntropic!)   Naturally the actual process would involve a very large amount of heat..good thing we have jars for that. Some sort of containment would have to be devised for the snowpers
  20. I used to imagine that dst kept a fantastic, organized record of every item and creature transferred since the logs (and especially the automated Trading Inquisitors) were implemented, and that she had written a program to sift through the data and inform her who wasn't whose alt and who had spent a suspiciously long time not trading with/attacking/casting spells on whom. (The sheer size of a log of all battles leads me to doubt its existence, but the other logs are fair game.) That is, a synthesis of "admin tools" (and MDA logs) aside from the actual alt-checker could theoretically yield a de
  21. Thanks, guys. Been wanting to vent that way for a while.   ..Not to derail this topic even more, but one of the nice aspects of a transparent reputation system is that you can express your opinion of a post without obligating the poster to respond on the topic.   To make up for veering offtopic: those of you who for whatever reason don't want to watch the video can listen to the audio, which does not relate to ponies.
  22. The catch-all: "We require all posts to be positive, constructive, and on topic." If this were enforced more often, it could get invasive, but that doesn't seem to be much of a problem here.     Pissing off your boss isn't illegal, and neither is pissing off people on the forum. But it seems like some people do the latter for sport—they gain their pleasure by siphoning off that of others, daimon/elemental-like. If you decide to target "strong" or "random", fine. Fight the system or rebel without a cause, fine by me. It's when you go for "weak" or "dying" that I'd draw th
  23. This topic reminds me of this.     Sometimes the reverse is true: those in a position to answer newbies’ questions perform triage—they attend first to the questions of those most likely to leave MD for good if their questions aren’t resolved quickly and leave oldbies’ queries for later.   Wouldn’t it also be fun to never find out? I still believe Innocence is a unique person, not because the evidence says so but because it can be nice to not read into everything for a change, to accept people as being who they say they are.   How s
  24. I agree with John on this one, despite the often-torturous load-time for creatures--this makes creatures feel more like factory-farmed minions and less like extensions of our own minds.   Constructively, Why not just have an option for creatures to display as static images rather than flash objects? It seems that the delays come from Flash, which is used to process how faded each creature should appear based on its health, so using static images (maybe 3 images for each creature level--1 for full vitality, 1 for approximately half vit, and 1 for almost dead/dead) could convey almost th
  25. There's nothing like trying to do someone's job for them for teaching how nice it is to have them around.

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