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  1. He wants the reason he comes to be (or at least feel) genuine, as though he's not coming because of this 'quest' but as though it never existed.     Hint, hint: don't put your attempts on this topic if you want to win, because that will remind him...but if you somehow did win by putting them here...gosh, cows would fly.
  2. It's been said before, but some of MD's most dedicated players haven't been 'traditional' gamers.* To attract more artists, try promoting MD on deviantart-like sites you're already on. Writers, coders, and people who don't fit into "-ers" often are known on other sites; emphasizing the respectively attractive parts of the realm (Story Night & other quests, coding your own clickables..) to different groups, or having some of the banners already available to paste into your signatures on those sites adjusted to specifically emphasize the features of MD that would appeal to those groups,
  3. The gathering system is not perfect as it is. And to be clear, this is not a "how can we prevent No one & co from getting resources" topic, it's a "how can we make MD more realistic and create more opportunities ingame" topic. It is also not the former kind of topic hypocritically disguised as the latter. I'm with Change, Miq, and dst that it makes sense that tools would get rusty from disuse, or from being outside in the rain. I don't think it makes much sense that a resource's level of depletion would significantly change the chance to damage the tool. New roles/groups involv
  4. This is the most interesting part here to me: new spells >> new ways to cast existing ones. A book of 'novelty magic' sounds flavorful.
  5. It always seemed strange to me that those with a strong affinity to a land wouldn't be able to use that link to force out those lacking those ties. It seems fitting that through a sufficient exertion of will, people very rooted in a land could push around outsiders drifting/tumbling through.   Concept- and balance-wise, I'd suggest that if a single person cleanse-wins against an outlander, the outlander would be movelocked relatively briefly, and that if X players win vs outlander, that outlander would be pushed back X-1 scenes (two defenders—>pushed back one scene, etc) and mo
  6. Zyrxae


    From the album: ?

    Hint: no, it's not that.
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  8. Zyrxae


    From the album: ?

    First to guess what these are gets a nominal silver coin.
  9. I like that nadrolski is seeking an in-game solution to his problems rather than just calling people bullies, which doesn't help anything but does piss off/alienate people.   Land cleansers were originally made in the era of torch competitions, during which every movement on enemy land while holding a torch would sap all a player's AP, functionally movelocking them until the regen. Adding a movelock effect to the land cleanser now would bring it more into line with its earlier intended effect.   Rophs, to go along with your zany metaphor—if the person attempting to bump bac
  10. Sorry to have dropped the ball on this.   I worked with a group on this, but we had to use Invisionzone's five-day free trials and switch email addresses each time. Eventually it became such a hassle what with people being busy IRL and there being hundreds of colors and none of us being real web designers and the spacing of the sylesheet being so close to impenetrable that the best way to change a specific color turned out to be eyedroppering its hex value, searching for that in the doc, and pasting in its place the hex of a swatch from the palette we'd assembled in Photoshop. Not to me
  11. Someone somewhere had time.. Reputation Time addon: "With this simple hook you can check when reputation point was given ( in topic view )."     Possible extra bonus: reason "Hook give you the ability to attach a short message when you give a reputation point."
  12. Maybe an "are you sure you want to discard?" warning if you have text typed in the open pop-up and/or some sort of auto-save for half-written messages like in email/forum?
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    Tom, you raise valid points. Neither; it's for encouraging people to a) realize that they do care about things and b) get others to care about those same things enough to effect non-stagnation in MD.   Both; people with personal goals often need help to reach those goals, making community projects.   This a big part of why I asked about this. Fyrd—no offense meant to him—has tried for a while to organize the community to various ends, but most of these projects fell short of his and others' hopes. Several people here have mentioned efforts they've made that ha
  14. Who does this arrangement benefit? People would be left waiting months to be able to switch..better to just prevent heat donations to people who can't be constructive with that heat.   Similar things have been suggested before, but why not have the number of adepts needed to become protector be a certain percentage of the number of players active in the realm each day?
  15. Zyrxae


    Nothing wrong with the posts above, but for clarification's sake, examples of things people have done/attempted to work towards in the past, in no particular order:   Zleiphneir & co. guarding Bob The dojo/the sparring grounds The creation and 3(+?) attempts at return of the Children of the Eclipse Fire Starter's Cloud & chawan MD University A bit broad, but still fitting The GGG, whatever you think of it Many people's independent or interdependent research efforts (Bootes, Shadowseeker, Rendril..too many to name) Rumi and now Menhir: Community Garden Innocence: MD-Arch
  16. Zyrxae


    What are some specific in-realm goals of yours, things you'd like to make happen but for whatever reason haven't taken shape yet in-game?   Big or small, personal or alliance/land-centered or cubal. Preferably more concrete (not necessarily this concrete, though they certainly could be) than abstract—things you could see rather than just feel.   The question is meant as akin to a cross between this topic and this one: MD-based like Chew's, but—unlike that topic, which ended up with mostly whole-game suggestions that will take significant time and effort to balanceR
  17. Land score is public? You hoover over the [?] next to loyalty? Or am i missing something? Just wondering: what's the reasoning behind (land and regular) loyalty not being on our public profiles along with our other stats?   As for Change's proposition, it might make things interesting in that lands' historic/current tensions could be seen in the net of who's allowed to be a double citizen in whose land. The main people I see as benefiting from this would be emissaries like certain Legend Speakers were to the main lands, but maybe if political tensions heat up more this could make things
  18. Zyrxae

    The Two wolves

    This brings back some powerful memories, glad to see it here. "Happiness is a thing to be practiced"—seriously, it is.
  19. Zyrxae


    Whoa, when did this happen?
  20. Zyrxae 183229 795   Average age of participants: about 2 years
  21. Tell them it doesn't need to be perfect or completely laid-out from the start and that coming back to something after a while can make it better than it seemed like it would have been at first.
  22. The info here probably won't help much, but maybe it could be useful for organizing gathered information, who knows.   If this happens over the weekend I'll fill in for darkraptor (MDA), otherwise he's free to do this.
  23. "Clickable inactivity notification" is available under options, unless you're saying that it still sends those messages even with the box unchecked.   How is reading an emailed message and deleting that same message before reading it in-game effectively different from opening a PM, quickly copying its contents into a text editor, hitting "read later" on the PM, and then deleting it?* Both allow the intended recipient to read the message without the receiver believing it has been read; the latter just has slightly more potential for human error.   I'm for pms to email because it
  24. People are less inclined to participate in what appears to be a single-winner contest that rewards only those able to stay online and caffeinated for a week straight than try out a friendly challenge that rewards both serious and casual players. Currently people wait their way out of MD entirely for their chance at the only trophy they consider worth fighting for.   Raise the rewards for second, third, and fourth place relative to the reward for first place, both credit- and stat-wise. (50/40/30/20 credits for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th, to toss something in?) And might it be time for scaled sta
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